Fun Factory Smartvibe G3: The Boss

The Fun Factory Boss is a larger than average semi-realistic vibrator, featuring the G3 Smartvibe turbo button. I was pleased to be sent The Boss to review for Nice ‘n’ Naughty. As someone who likes larger girth toys, I was hopeful that the semi-realistic shape would work for my body, and that the slightly curved tip and protruding glans would be great for G-spot stimulation. I also liked the idea of using the turbo button, as I often find that a boost in vibration on the verge of orgasm can increase their strength.
The toy arrives in a silver and red box. At the front of the box there is a window revealing the toy. The back of the box folds outwards, again showing the toy through an additional window. On the cardboard flaps you will find a variety of product information. The Boss is waterproof. It requires four AAA batteries to power it. Inside the box you will find the toy in a plastic tray. It also contains an instruction leaflet, a mini catalogue of other Fun Factory toys, and a small sample of lubricant. The packaging isn’t the most practical for storing the toy long-term, as it’s flimsy and bulky. I’d recommend finding an alternative way to store it. 
The toy has three buttons in the base of the battery cap, a ‘+’ and a ‘-’ for altering the functions, and a turbo button for giving the vibrations an extra intensity boost. The vibrator has 8 intensity settings excluding the turbo boost; it has three modes of pulsation and escalation. To activate these modes press the ‘+’ button until you reach the 8th intensity, then hold down the ‘+’ for a few seconds, and you will now be using the first pattern mode. By repeatedly pressing the ‘+’ you will cycle through these modes. To turn the toy off, hold down the ‘-’ button until you’re back at the very first intensity setting, and then tap it once more. Smartvibes are made to have stronger than average motors, with the option of a turbo boost button when you want to turn the intensity up a notch just for a few seconds. To use, simply hold down the turbo button for as long as you want to experience the boost. I experienced one problem when using the Turbo button; I found it to be rather stiff and tricky to push, meaning that when activating the turbo mode I was only able to hold the button down for very short bursts. The Smartvibes vibrations are fairly strong and rumbly. They can be felt throughout the whole toy. I found that a lot of the vibrations could be felt in my hand during use, which contributed to the buttons being difficult to use. When using the turbo button, you can really feel the vibrations at the tip. All the other settings are mostly felt nearer the base, and even though they do travel to the tip, they vanish when the shaft bends.
The Boss is a semi-realistic looking vibrator. It can be purchased in various colours, but I received it in vanilla, which I feel works very well, and makes the toy rather attractive compared to flesh tonedrealistic sex toys. The toy is 9 inches in length with approximately 6.5 inches of insertable shaft. Its girth is 5.25 inches at the thickest point. The silicone shaft is relatively flexible – if you like using toys in a rocking or curving motion then the Boss may not be suited to you, as the shaft will bend a lot.  At the tip of the toy there is a bump meant to represent the glans found on a penis. The tip is tapered and at the top of the toy the glans juts out rather noticeably. Lower down the shaft there are a few softly raised vein-like bumps. Due to how far down the shaft these are, you are unlikely to experience much additional stimulation from them. The shaft of the toy is made from a matte silicone which causes a fair amount of friction when rubbed against dry skin – you will need additional lubrication to be able to use the toy comfortably.
When using the toy, I needed a small amount of additional lubrication and foreplay prior to insertion. I found that the tapered tip slid into my vaginal entrance with relative ease, but I experienced some problems when trying to insert past the glans, probably due to how the toy curves. After my body had become more relaxed I was able to insert more of the shaft. The glans curved upwards and hit my G-spot. When using the toy in a thrusting motion, I found that the glans caused me to experience some discomfort when pulling the toy away from my body. The main ridge of the glans would catch on the front of my vaginal wall and would rub and pinch around my G-spot, meaning that I had to limit the motions I used to be gentler than I would’ve liked for G-spot stimulation. I found that the base of the toy became slippery, making it hard to press the buttons, so I mainly ended up using the toy just on the highest setting. During use I naturally wanted to use my index finger to push the turbo button, but found I had to alter my grip and use my thumb to hold down the button, due to the force needed to activate it. Even though the shape of the toy wasn’t the most comfortable for my body, I found that the strength of the rumbly vibrations, with additional clitoral stimulation, did cause me to climax eventually. I really do feel that my body just doesn’t get along with the shape of The Boss, as I’ve experienced this problem with other very similar shaped toys in the past, even when their girth has been smaller. If the glans on The Boss were made from a softer silicone, I might’ve experienced less discomfort.
Cleaning the toy is simple as it is waterproof and made from silicone. Just use your standard antibacterial wash, and dry before putting it away. You will need to store it in a suitable bag or box, as the silicone picks up dirt easily.
I really wanted The Boss to work for me; sadly the shape just isn’t suited to my body. I feel that The Boss’s shape would work for some though, and the vibrations are strong, and should work for you if you enjoy deep rumbly sensations.  I feel that the turbo button is far too awkward for me to use, and even my partner had some difficultly when holding it down, but maybe the button will loosen up over time. It is a very attractive looking toy considering it is a realistic style vibrator. Just be aware that the shape may not be right for you. Luckily, there are a variety of shapes in the Fun Factory G3 Smartvibe range; it’s just a matter of finding the one that suits you best.
Thank you to Nice ‘n’ Naughty for sending me The Fun Factory Smartvibe G3 Boss for my review. You can purchase it here.

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