Fun Factory Lady Bi

The Fun Factory Lady Bi is a dual stimulator, designed similar to the iconic rabbit vibrator where its shape is aimed at pleasuring the vaginal canal and clitoris simultaneously. Unlike the traditional rabbit, the Lady Bi’s protruding clitoral arm ends in a rounded point rather than two ‘ears’. When receiving the Lady Bi I was curious to find-out whether its shape fitted my anatomy as its waved main shaft is wider than most vibrators within the dual stimulator design that I had tried before. I was also curious to see if the product would be able to pleasure my clitoris, g-spot, and a-spot, all at once, thus hopefully leading to an intense orgasm.

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Lady Bi Fun Factory Vibe

The vibrator is made from a unique medical grade silicone, which Fun Factory refer to as ‘FlexiFUN Technology™’, meaning that this particular toys shaft and clitoral arm is flexible but not overly floppy like some material used for sex toys. The silicone produces some drag when rubbed against dry skin so I highly recommend using a waterbase lubricant with this toy. The toy is approximately 8.5 inches in total length with 4.75 inches of insertable length, with a 2 inch long clitoral arm. It has a maximum circumference of 5.5 inches round. The main shaft has various waved grooves that match the products contours. At the base of the product you will find a loop handle made from glossy ABS plastic and three control buttons and charging points.

The vibrator is rechargeable via a magnetic USB charger, the connection points on the vibrator can be found at the base of the loop handle. The Lady Bi is a high powered vibrator consisting of two strong motors. The vibrations produced are more of a rumble style rather than a buzzy type. The strength is indeed impressive and I’m glad the Lady Bi has an easy-to-grip loop handle within its base, meaning that whilst the vibrations are intense; I’m able to still hold and control the vibrator during use. There are 6 different pattern vibration choices, and 6 different strengths of intensity to choose from. The vibrator can be controlled via the three push buttons found on the handle. To turn the vibrator on and off, simply press the ‘Fun’ button.  Use the above buttons to scroll through the various vibration patterns and intensities.

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Lady Bi

When using the Lady Bi, I massaged a generous amount of waterbase lubrication into my vulva and vagina. Due to the vibrators size, I started off slow, enjoying the vibrations from the main shaft massaging my labia and flexing its tip in and out of my vaginal orifice. After the initial foreplay, the toy was able to slip into my vagina comfortably. As it slid into position I could feel every wave of the shaft massage my erogenous zones, until, its tip hit my A-spot. Whilst the bulbous part of the shaft was able to glide over my G-spot I found it didn’t provide direct stimulation to the area which I required for an intense G-spot climax. I found that the clitoral arm over reached past my clitoris, missing direct stimulation to the clitoral nub. However the vibrations were so intense and rumbling, that even with the clitoral arm up a little higher than desired the vibrations reverberate throughout my whole clitoris and could be felt travelling through my clitoral arm and rumbling my G-spot (even when the main shafts vibrations weren’t on). The design is excellent for emitting direct vibrations onto the A-spot, however, whilst the device has some flexibility I wasn’t able to apply my usually desired rocking motion onto the upper anterior of the vagina, and was left with only being able to prod it. Due to the item offering less direct stimulation onto my clitoris and G-spot I found that it took longer than anticipated to lead to an orgasm. Whilst the vibrations did reach the areas I must admit that I am more of a fan of being able to rub / manually stimulate these areas alongside vibrations. Once I had finished my masturbatory session I found that the vibrations were so strong that it took some time until I was able to feel any sensations in my hand. The vibrations are that strong that the ABS plastic handle could actually be used as a massage vibrator.


The Laby Bi is easy to clean as it is waterproof. The waved grooves found on the shaft can trap dirt; however they are still easier to clean when compared to some textured toys. Simply wash the product in warm water with your favourite antibacterial cleaner, and allow to dry.


Overall, I want to really like the Lady Bi, as its vibrations are usually the type my body loves. However its shape didn’t quite work with my erogenous zones. I feel that like many rabbit vibrators, it may work for some; however it sadly didn’t work completely for me.


Thank you to Fun Factory for sending me this vibrator to try. You can find-out more, here.


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