Fun Factory Bendy Beads

The Fun Factory Bendy Beads is an anal toy made from silicone. The beads are slightly larger than some I’ve tried, and there’s less of a gap between each bead. The beads also have a slight texture; one side of each bead is slightly raised. Given the larger than average size, I wanted to see if the shape of the toy, specifically the elliptical beads, would make it easier to insert. I also wanted to see how well the beads stayed in place once fully inserted.
The beads arrive in the standard Fun Factory packaging with a cut out window at the front revealing the product, and two flaps that are held shut with magnets at the back, which reveal another window for viewing the product. The toy states it is elliptically shaped, which basically means the beads are egg shaped rather than traditional spherical balls. The packaging also states that the product is scent free, and this does indeed seem to be the case.
The toy is 10.5 inches in length with 8 inches of insertable length. At the base of the beads you will find a looped handle which you can thread one or two fingers through easily. The shaft consists of five beads, the first being an inch in length and the last being 1.5 inches in length. The beads’ circumferences are as follows:  2.51 inches, 3 inches, 3.26 inches, 3.75 inches, and 4.25 inches. Each bead has a raised piece of silicone curving and linking onto the next bead; there is no connecting string in the traditional sense. The toy has a fair amount of flexibility between each bead, but the silicone itself is only slightly plushy. When first inspecting the toy there were a few messy silicone tags around the manufacturing seam – these were easily removed. Other than that the toy seems seamless. The silicone causes quite a bit of friction when rubbed against dry skin – I definitely recommend using a liberal amount of water based lubricant.
When using the toy I applied a good amount of lubricant to my body and the toy. The first bead easily popped into place, and the second bead also took very little effort. When inserting the third to fifth beads I thought I would experience some problems, but because of how the beads are joined with minimal gap between the next size up, I experienced very little trouble. I found the beads offered less of a popping sensation when compared to othersI’ve tried, but inserting the toy felt comfortable and pleasurable. However, I found that the beads didn’t want to stay in position once inserted, and the shaft was just a little too bendy to use the toy as an anal probe. I feel that if the stem between the looped handle and last bead was slightly longer and maybe a bit less curved, then my pelvic floor muscles would’ve been able to grip onto the toy better.
The anal beads are very easy to clean as they are made out of silicone. You will need to pay a little extra attention to the raised area and the gaps between each bead, but the textures don’t trap too much dirt. The silicone can be boiled, sterilised, placed into the dish washer, and washed with your standard antibacterial wash and water.
Overall, these beads didn’t seem to work for my body, however, I still think they are a good toy and probably will work for others. The shape of the beads makes them easier to insert when compared to circular balls found on most other anal beads, and although I couldn’t get them to stay in position, they were pleasurable while inserting. They are also an excellent price for a body safe silicone anal toy.
Thank you to Nice ‘n’ Naughty for sending these anal beads for me to review. You can purchase them Here.

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