Fun Factory B Balls

The Fun Factory B Balls is a double beaded butt plug, where each bead has a free roaming internal ball, which offers jiggling vibrations during wear. The internal balls roll and move with your body’s movements and pelvic clenches, so they should target your sweet spots closely, massaging them with natural sensations. The butt plug is designed in a similar way to vaginal kegel balls / pelvic floor exercisers, but it is designed to be used for safe anal play. The product is weighted and when used anally it will help work-out the male or female pelvic floor whilst also being sexually stimulating.

Fun Factory Beaded B Balls Butt Plug.

Fun Factory Beaded B Balls Butt Plug.

The B Balls are 5 inches in length with a maximum insertable girth of 4.75 inches round. The stem leading onto the beads is around 1 inch in length. The T-bar base is just over 2 inches long and is rather slender, meaning it should fit comfortably between the buttocks. The butt plug is coated in velvety smooth silicone. On each bead you will find some gloss detailing which has been engraved into the balls for aesthetic appearance. The first bead is slightly tapered for easy insertion and is smaller in size compared with the second bead. Between both the beads is a short flexible branch. The total weight of the device is 87 grams. Both balls have internal free roaming balls inside them, which rattle around smoothly and strongly.

Jiggle Ball Butt Plug

Jiggle Ball Butt Plug

When using the B Balls I applied a good coating of water-base lubricant to the beads surface and around my anus. I found the tapered tip made inserting the first bead easy without having to do too much warm-up. When the first bead was pushed in, I could pleasantly feel the internal bead rattle, stimulating my anal canal and causing my pelvic floor muscles squeeze with excitement. Inserting the second bead was a bit harder, but once it popped inside my body, I could feel both the jiggle balls roll up into my anal canal and massage my rectum into a relaxed state whilst still holding the sex toy in place. As I moved around, the B Balls free roaming balls and weight, acted as a constant reminder that I was wearing a butt plug. The t-bar base sat comfortable between my buttocks and against my skin, meaning that I was able to wear the item for prolonged times if desired. The base was also the perfect length and shape, to allow for vaginal insertion and intercourse, unlike some plugs which protrude over the vaginal orifice essentially blocking it.

When wearing the B Balls during sexual intercourse, my partner could feel the beaded shapes through my vaginal walls, and they were also able to feel the vibrations caused from the free roaming beads as he thrusted in and out of my body – stimulating his penis more.

Incorporating a vibrator into play whilst wearing the B Balls anally, also meant that the free roaming balls inside the butt plug rattled around more and produced additional sensations and increased vibrating intensity. The plug also helped push the vibrator onto my G-spot more precisely.

Removing the B Balls felt a bit tricky at times as the free roaming balls would stimulate my pelvic floor making my body clench around the device and try and hold them into place. As each ball popped out of my body I could feel the beads rattle and rub against my PS-spot (the perineal sponge found between the vagina and rectum).


One of my male partners gave the B Balls ago and found that the butt plug fitted their natural contours and stimulated their prostate pleasantly and gently. They enjoyed how the beads stayed in place as they thrusted away during sex, offering them a hands-free internal massage and making their erection firmer.


The beads can be worn by someone whilst they are being spanked. As the wearer is spanked the internal free roaming balls vibrate and rattle upon impact.


The B Balls can be used to work-out the male or female pelvic floor by simply wearing them and getting on with day-to-day tasks as the weighted free roaming balls will do most of the work for you, encouraging your kegel muscles to clench and flex around the toy.


Whilst the B Balls are made from hypoallergenic silicone and are waterproof, they can be a bit of a pain to clean due to the grooves on the beads and the engraved logo in the butt plugs stem. You may find it helpful to have a cheap toothbrush to hand to help clean these troublesome areas, whilst washing the product in warm water and antibacterial wash.


Overall, I really like the Fun Factory B Balls, and feel they are great for either solo or couples play. The butt plug is perfect for discreet wear, whilst still offering you added teasing sensations during your day-to-day activities, which are sure to lead to an exciting time ahead when along by yourself or with a partner. I particularly like how this butt plug adds stimulation during intercourse and intensifies orgasm.



Thank you Fun Factory for sending me this butt plug for my review, you can find-out more here.



You can purchase the B Balls from Lovehoney, here.

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