Do you know what’s tough?

Copywriting for a competitive niche.
The adult industry can just feel as challenging as writing for any other platform.
Getting your brand across can be difficult; sometimes you want puns and smut, and other times you don’t.
The real challenge is getting the mixture right, not only for you but also for your audience.

What do I offer?

Website Content
All the important stuff to get your brands meaning noticed by your clients.

Blog Posts
Need an experienced blog writer; well I’ve been writing blogs since I was 12 and selling posts, let’s chat, and make my words work your mojo.

Product descriptions
This can be the dullest thing for you to write ever, and, it can show in your copy. Why not let me take over and add some spark for you?

Shows, live events, zoom, sex toys, and more. Get your unbiased and honestly written review here, posted on my networks and sites or yours.

About Me:

I’m Ness and have a passion for writing particularly focusing on the adult industry.

I have experience in writing in-print, and, online. From magazines such as Healthline, Metro, Cosmo, and more. As well as working with big companies and sexual health charities such as the family planning association.


My Training:

I’m trained in psychology and am a qualified counsellor focusing on sex and relationships. I also have diplomas in Viral Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing.

In regards to sex positivity. I am a trained sex educator under the family planning association, trained as an eco-sexual practitioner under Annie Sprinkles, then finally trained as a counsellor and focused on my further CPDs in sex, relationships, and gender diversity.
Medically and physio wise; I have trained as a pelvic floor rehab specialist under urologist’s gynaecologists, orthopaedics, and even trained under Pilates and fitness instructors to learn the full picture of the pelvic floor.
I have a Diploma in Holistic Women’s Health to get a balance on science and other approaches, and I found it insightful on how it can link medically.
If needed too, I’m an Ofcal trained nutritionist… not that exam board matters now…


Just pop me an email now, and I’ll give you some fantastic copy fast: