Follow up Friday #2

Follow up Friday is a meme designed to allow people to link their follow-up discoveries to their past reviews. Whether you’ve come up with a creative new use for your sex toy, stumbled across some new information regarding the product, or even if the manufacturers have made some minor adjustments, this allows you to let the world know.
Written an important revision but can’t bear the thought of scrunching up the previous manuscript? Simple bullet points will suffice, outlining the critical new details, and linking back to your original written masterpiece is a must – as long as it’s related to the new addition.
Copy the ‘Follow up Friday’ link and post this in your blog. You can find it here:
Content must be a follow-up of one of your previous reviews, and not an exact copy of previous material. 
Tweet and share your blog post. Make sure you check out the other entrants each week.

Thank you @buzzvibe for the amazing meme.

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