Floggermeister ‘Crystal’ Ball Floggers

The Floggermeister ‘Crystal’ Ball Floggers, are a pair of impact devices made with rubber falls, that have both been topped with a crystal-cut glass handles. Sold as a pair, the rounded handles of these floggers makes the items idea for dealing out Florentine Flagellation, which is a two-handed style of flogging where one flogger is held in the palm of each hand and used simultaneously.


c floggers 2

The devices falls are made from EPDM rubber which is latex free. Each flogger consists of 30 tails at approximately 18 inches in length. The tips of the tails are angled, meaning that they6 should cause a slight sting upon impact. The handles are made from beautifully cut glass, to give a resemblance of crystal balls – the handles can also be used during play for massage and temperature play. The falls have been fitted securely into the handles, and even after extensive testing they have not fallen out or snapped off. The rubber falls have a slight metallic glittery effect to them when works well with the sparkling of the crystal cut glass. The weight of each flogger allows for precise control, and the rounded handle makes it easier to swing without over straining your wrists.


When using the floggers, I had fun informing my submissive that I was about to predict his future, and that his fate may not be as pleasant as hoped. I held a crystal ball in each hand and started to slowly alternate strikes upon his buttocks. As the tails of each flogger slapped down upon his flesh, I started to move up and down his back, using the floggers simultaneously, in a figure eight motion. Tickling his back and shoulders with the pointed tips and then whacking his arse with the full extent of the falls. The floggers gently reddened his back, and to smooth the stinging throbs on his flesh, I rolled the shockingly cold glass balls over his body. My submissive found that the floggers gave a stinging sensation upon impact and a slight thuddiness, due to the weight of the falls combined with the control I had over them on landing. When using the flogger in a Florentine style, I found that whilst the weight and length of the falls was perfect, my hands were a little too small to fully grasp the crystal balls as well as I would’ve liked – however, I have extremely dainty hands.

c floggers

Cleaning the floggers is easy, simply wipe the rubber tails down with a damp cloth and allow to dry.


Overall, I really like the ‘Crystal’ Ball Floggers by Floggermeister, although I will be personally using them mostly as singular items rather than a pair. Their appearance of the floggers is beautiful, and they are well constructed. They other nice control, and give out a pleasant sting and noticeable thud. While they can mark the flesh, I am yet to cause any serious marking with them, although from what I’ve heard from my subs moans and groans, they still give off satisfying results.


Thank you to Floggermeister for making these for me (my friend is also enjoying their pair).

You can find out more about these here.

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