Flexi Risque 10 Function Anal Probe/Butt Plug

This month CaliforniaExotics sent me Flexi Risque, which is a 10 function vibrating anal probe/butt plug with a flexible stem. This is meant to be a powerful unisex anal vibrator. Due to the size and firmness of the toy, and strength of vibrations, I would not recommend this toy to anal beginners. 
The toy arrives in a clear plastic clamshell packaging. There is a paper insert, featuring a picture of the toy showing how flexible the stem is. The packaging states that the toy is waterproof, so you can use this toy in the shower or bath. I would recommend you use silicone lubricant if you are going to use this toy in aquatic conditions. In the packaging you will find battery installation instructions with diagrams. The toy takes three AAA batteries; this is a lot more than most battery powered plugs so I expected it to be more powerful. To install the batteries you need to twist open the base, and then replace it before turning the toy on. When I opened the battery compartment there was a greasy, oil-like residue which had a chemical smell to it. I suspect this is to help you to open and close the battery compartment, as it is very stiff to twist open or close. The seal around the battery compartment seems very strong, and I doubt water would leak through it. The head of the toy is in a tapered cone shape, and looks similar to a small egg. It is 5 inches in circumference at its widest point and 2.5 inches in length. The flexible shaft is just less than 2 inches in length. The base is rather heavy and large, because it has to be capable of holding three AAA batteries; the circumference of the base is just over 9.5 inches. In the centre of the base there is a small push button, this is soft and very easy to operate. 
I have to say I’m not overly fond of this toy. To me, it looks bulky and intimidating, and it also appears to have a few problem areas with regards to being a good anal toy. The base is described as EZ-grip but I actually had trouble gripping this toy, and only just managed to fit it comfortably in my hand. I do have extremely small hands, but I feel that perhaps this toy was designed with men in mind. Also, as the base is so large, I wondered how comfortable it would be for women who enjoy both vaginal and anal stimulation simultaneously. The other problem I had with its design was with the number of gaps around the head of the toy and shaft. There is a ring running round the head of the toy which could easily trap dirt. There’s also a gap where the flexible shaft enters the firm plastic head. Dirt and fluid can get trapped inside this gap, again making the toy hard to clean. The flexible stem can be bent quiet vigorously without breaking; I feel that this toy might be good for men looking for p-spot stimulation.
The toy has 10 vibration, pulsation and escalation settings. Unlike some vibrators there is no need to cycle through all the settings to turn the toy off. All you need to do is hold down the push button for a few seconds and it turns off. When you switch the toy back on it will have remembered the last setting you were one. This means it’s easy to pick a favourite setting and stick to it. All the vibrations are strong and can be felt throughout the toy. The main strength of the vibrations are focused at the tip of the toy, so you are more likely to experience greater stimulation internally than some toys where the vibrations are positioned too far away from your sweet spots. The vibrator does sound rather loud when it’s not inserted, but once it is inserted it’s incredibly quiet compared to what one would expect from such a powerful toy.
Sorry for the bad video, just wanted to show you how flexible the toy is.
Inserting the toy needed a small amount of additional lubrication. I did find it slightly uncomfortable as I pushed the toy into the anus and past the sphincter; I think this was due to the firmness of the plastic. Once the toy was inserted it felt relatively comfortable. The weight of the base didn’t draw the toy out of my anal canal, but acted as a reminder that the toy was actually inside me. This was good, as some anal toys basically go unnoticed due to their lack of weight and rigidity. Due to the size of the base of this toy, you have no worry about it travelling into the anal canal and getting lost. The base did make it hard to move about while the toy was inserted though. I inserted the toy while lying down, and due to the size of the base I had difficulty in sitting upright again. The base extended over my perineum, and so got in the way of the vaginal opening. Even though the stem is flexible, it was still difficult to insert additional toys into the vagina while the base was protruding over it. This made me think even more so that this toy is designed for the male anatomy, rather than female. I didn’t really experience any benefits from the flexible base, whereas a man might find it beneficial when stimulating the p-spot. The vibrations were strong and I enjoyed the variety of the vibrations available. It did heighten sensation in clitoral orgasm, but I just wish it was easier to stimulate my g-spot while the plug was inserted. During orgasm I was pleased to find that the toy did not pop out like some butt plugs.
Cleaning the toy isn’t as easy as I would like. For me, I want all toys to be relatively easy to clean, but especially anal toys. There is a ring round the head of the toy that can trap dirt, and also there is a gap between the head and the shaft of the toy that can cause problems. The gap between the head and shaft can be cleaned by flexing the shaft to various angles, giving you access to the areas that are normally hard to reach.  At least the toy is waterproof, meaning that you can soak it in sterilising solution to help ensure hygiene. I would recommend letting this toy air before putting it away, due to the possibility of moisture becoming trapped.
Overall, this toy wasn’t right for me. I did enjoy the vibrations and how it actually stayed put during play, but for me it just has too many problems. It’s tricky to clean, uncomfortable to hold, and gets in the way of the vaginal opening.  I do however feel that this toy would work well for a man, or women who enjoy anal focused sessions without the addition of g-spot stimulation. The head of the toy is rather large, and also due to the strength of the vibrations, I would only recommend this to people with some experience of anal play.
You can buy this toy from California Exotics

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