Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle

The Twitchy Palm Spanker from the official Fifty Shades of Grey Collection of sex toys is a satin and faux leather impact device. The faux leather side offering a stimulating sting slap, whilst the soft padded satin half if much more soothing and subtle. The paddle’s dual layered textures offer the opportunity to experiment and mix up sensations during play.

FSOG spanker

The spanker arrives in a black box designed to fit with the books and other Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise. Inside the packaging you will find the paddle resting in a black plastic tray. Within the box you will also come across a small instructional pamphlet with tips on how to use your new toy. The product comes complete with its very own satin drawstring pouch, with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ printed onto it; the bag is large enough to store a few additional items inside it too.

The paddle is made from a mixture of faux leather and silver satin. The faux leather side is made from a firm matte textured material, to imitate leather, however unlike most leathers the cool synthetic material offers a much strong and colder sting upon impact. The opposite side is made of silver satin layering over a padded cushion for gentler sensations. The two sides are held together by strong stitching. The texture from the stitches in more noticeable on the faux leather side, and on occasion can leave indentation marks on your lover’s body.

Wedged between the materials you will find a small tag with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ embroidered into it. At the base of the product there is an eyelet hole with a nylon wrist strap threaded through it. The product is 12.5 inched in length with the impact and handle taking up 6.25 inches of the total length each. The impact area of the product is a maximum of 2.5 inches in diameter, while the handle is 1.25 inches wide. The product has a good amount of flexibility around its centre.


When using the product on a lover I started with the padded satin side of the toy, this meant that I was able to slowly build up to the most intense sensations offered by the faux leather. Upon impact the padded side offers a solid thud as it gently bounces from my lovers flesh. The padding helps soften the impact of even fiercest strikes, meaning you don’t have the fear of causing too much damage, as well as keeping the sensations close to where the product actually hits. When using the faux leather side, the product swooped down onto my lover’s body with more of a bite, producing a stinging sensation which rippled throughout their body.

The satin side can be used to smooth swore areas after a spanking, as it is rubbed over the flesh it can produce a slight tingling sensation, similar to being tickled. The faux leather side can also be used during texture play, offer and firm cooling surface, which slides smoothly over slightly lubricated flesh.

When cleaning the product, use a slightly damp cloth, and make sure the product is completely dry prior to slipping it back into its storage pouch. The satin may satin with some lubricant and locations, particularly oil and silicone based ones.

Overall, The Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Paddle is a good impact device. The sensations it produces are engaging, yet not as powerful and painful as some devices. When first trying the product out, I was worried it would crease too much around the centre, meaning that its quality would diminish over time, but this hasn’t happened. This would a great addition to any Fifty Shades of Grey fans toy box, particularly if you are not into heavy impact toys.


Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this impact device for my review, you can find out more about the product here.


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