What is Nymphomaniac Ness?

Nymphomaniac Ness is a sex blog offering insightful and honest sex toy reviews and advice. It was established in 2011, by Ness, who was formally known throughout forums as The Nymphomaniac. Nymphomaniacness.com is an easy to navigate website, where you can find an array of sex toy information and opinions.

Who is Nymphomaniac Ness?

Nymphomaniac Ness, is a sex educator in training. Interested in the scientific side of sex research and down to earth sex advice. Ness specialises in sex toys. Currently studying a part time degree in psychology as well as undertaking various accredited sex education courses throughout the UK. Ness writes for a variety of online publications offering sex toy advice and opinions, as well as acts as a prototype sex toy tester, and website copywriter.


Do you get paid to review products?

Generally the answer is no unless I have been commissioned as a prototype tester. If the prototype goes into production, the review will be published on my site, written in the same manner as previous reviews, being unbiased and honest. Although I hope that any product I test prior to product will be a winner, this isn’t always the case, after all I am just one reviewer, with my own unique anatomy, and often you’ll find that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ within the sex toy compatibility.

How do you review a sex toy?

A company will contact me and offer me a product for review. The company then will send me the said product to test. Testing time varies depending on the style of product and how busy my schedule is. I will only review products I have actually received and tested.


What does the review include?

The review will include 800-1500 words worth of organic SEO. The information within the review is all factual, down to the products states and my personal experience. Each review will have at least three rhetorical links added in the addition to an acknowledgment at the bottom of the page. Each review will also have product images added to it; generally these are taken by me.


Can I quote your review?

Yes as long as you provide a link and acknowledgements to my site. Preferably I prefer to know where my work has been mentioned, so please email me if you are recognizing me, and if appropriate I can therefore link back to you on the Press page.


What are your blog stats?

My blog views can vary from 600 page views per day to 1500 page views. My Google page rank is 2. I use various social networking medias to share my blog post. My main media for networking is via twitter @Nymphomaniacnes which reaches over 1500 people and @ToyTuesday which has a strong following of 350 plus. You can also find me on Facebook with approximately 500 likes. You can also find me on various forums and social networking sites, including fetlife, lovehoney.co.uk, suicidegirls, and more – each of these I frequently share and link to blog posts and offer recommendations. My blogspot account had over 100 followers. www.facebook.com/pages/Nymphomaniac-Ness/271140562923921

Who’s your target audience?

Generally my reviews are global. Although I am situated in the UK, I get hits from all around the world. I have also written reviews for companies in Canada, USA, France, and Germany.


Is there any products you won’t review?

I avoid anything with phthalates as these can cause undesired long term effects. I also suffer from a latex allergy which leads to some pretty unpleasant reactions. Mostly I will avoid reviewing lubricatants, in particular one’s containing parabens and sugars. If I experience any unnasty side effects from products, this can lead me to be out of commission for a good week or so.


What products are you able to review?

I can review much about anything as long as it’s safe for me to use. I speicalise in the following product types:

  • Vibrators
  • Wands
  • Silicone toys
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • G-spot
  • Clitoral
  • Contoured
  • Kegel
  • BDSM
  • Basically anything – just ask.


Can you review couples toys?

Yes I can review couples toys, however these usually take longer to review.


Can you review male toys?

I am able to review some male products depending on my partners preference. I can quite happily write about male products, but due to not having the correct anatomy I am unable to formulate an opinion of the products functionality myself.


How many reviews have you writer?

I have written over 200 product reviews and tested over 400 sex toys. I have worked with over 100 companies worldwide.


Do you accept interviews?

Yes, although due to the nature of my blog and current position I am unable to disclose my actual name and location. Nymphomaniac Ness has become an important part of my life, and although it’s not my birth name, it is who I am.


I would like to purchase a text link or banner space, how much do you charge?

Currently I do not accept any affiliate links and advertisement. When I do in the future, I will only link to companies I have personally used, as I feel it’s only right to recommend stores I trust. Almost every company I have reviewed for I have also purchased from too, as reviewers generally get treated differently to customers – I believe it’s essential to see both sides of the company.


How do I become a sex toy reviewer?

This depends entially on whether or not you wish to set-up a blog or stick to onsite reviews. Companies such as lovehoney.co.uk and sextoys.co.uk have onsite review programs. To get involved simply create a wishlist and review one of your previous purchases. If you are starting-up a sex toy review blog, upload some of your reviews onto it and start networking them. Contact companies requesting products, as long as you are polite, there’s no hard in asking.


What type of advice can you offer?

Most of the advice about sex toys I offer is based upon personal research through masturbation. I keep up-to-date on other people’s reviews and see if they can point-out some particular information about a product which will help others. I have an extensive library filled with sex manuals too, ranging from Johnson and Masters to Tracey Cox’s work – I often use these for reference and have picked up some invaluable advice.


What is Toy with me Tuesday?

Toy with me Tuesday is a sex toy photo meme, bringing together sex b loggers and retailers in an attempt to try and normalise sex toys.


How do I get involved in Toy with me Tuesday?

Anyone can take part in Toy with me Tuesday as long as they follow the guidelines. The great thing about images is that they are universal and speak for themselves. The meme is open worldwide and includes manufactures, retailers, and general bloggers.


I would like to sponsor a giveaway, how do I do this?

I like to frequently host giveaways for my readers to take part in. I often use rafflecopter to run my giveaways. If you would like to donate a prize for a giveaway, please contact me here.


Do you Cam, offer sexting services, and or cyber?

No, I do not offer these services. Personally I find it hard to connect with a stranger sexually over the internet. I do not find it exciting, a turn on, or thrilling.


 I’m a retailer and would like to arrange an in-person meeting, how do I do this?

So far I have met with multiple retailers throughout the UK and had various meetings with them. If you wish to arrange a meeting please contact me. Please note, depending on your location I will expect you to provide travel costs. I do not allow meeting to occur at my home or at your personal residence. Most meetings occur within store, warehouses, or the odd cafe.


I’m a fan and wish to meet you, can we hook up?

Personally, I’d prefer to keep my identity anonymous and rather not meet-up with fans unless at a conference or trade show.


What other services do you provide?

As a freelance journalist focusing on sex and adult novelties, I’m able to provide various writing services from articles to website copy. You can find out more information here. In addition I’m able to provide review quotes for books, product packaging, and press releases. I am willing to write the forwards for any sex guides and erotic novels please contact me for further information.

I can offer advice on how to run effective sex toy review programs and can arrange a Skype conference meeting if necessary.

Product prototype testing will include a full length review, testing the product out in as many possible ways available, side notes on improvements and more.

I am currently helping to set-up various workshops and evening classes revolving around sex toys and sex toy reviewing. If you would like me to host a workshop for you, contact me here.

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