Excerpt: The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty by Joan Price

The amazing Joan Price has finally released her new book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty’, a guide following on from her previous work ‘Naked at our age’, offering more fabulous advice to anyone seeking to improving or rekindling their sex life after 50. I’m a fan of Joan’s work, and personally find her style easy to take in, and packed full of great insight. While I’m not within the target audience for her work, it has helped me greatly when helping clients who do fall within the category when sex coaching and heck even Domming.

Below you will find an excerpt from her new release ‘The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty’:

Excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty by Joan Price:

Single At My Age?

  • It’s tough to be single after fifty or sixty. As a straight woman, I’ve felt invisible. Men my age and older seem to want younger women, way younger. When I tried to make the point on a dating site message board about the splendid qualities and joie de vivre of women our age, questioning why men wanted to date women more than fifteen years younger, men scoffed and talked about the “scenery.” Hey, there’s nothing wrong with our scenery, guys.
  • Not all of us old guys are slugs out chasing young stuff. That eye candy is nice to look at, but I prefer a woman my age that I can relate to and have something in common with. I don’t even mind the baggage they bring along. God knows I have baggage of my own. The important thing is how we’ve processed and worked through that baggage. Actually, all those trials and tribulations add depth and character to the soul and make us more interesting.

I give a dating workshop called “How the Heck Do We Date at This Age?” We all seem distressed at the craziness of trying to mix and mingle as older people. For many of our generation, the last time we were single was in our youth, when everything was different—the times, the social structure, and yikes, we were different. Opportunities were every- where; practically everyone we met in our social circles was also single, and a good many were interested, thanks to our youthful hormones.

Maybe finding love wasn’t easy (when has that ever been easy?) but dating and getting to take off our clothes together didn’t take too much ingenuity, if that’s what we wanted. Believe me, I’d never return to those times filled with restrictive mores (remember sitting by the phone waiting?), unrealistic expectations (a mate would complete your life and you’d skip into the sunset together?), and the constant fear of discovery and pregnancy. Sure, it was simpler—we all knew the rules. We either followed them or broke them, but we knew them. But now…?

You can purchase Joan’s new book from here:

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