Erotica Review: The Collector by Kay Jaybee

The Collector, is a collection of erotic short stories written in an essay style format, where each tale includes a small introduction, and the main story, before concluding nicely. The length of each installment varies, but even the shortest story, is written well enough that you are able to appreciate its descriptive tale with pleasure.

Kay Jaybee, the author of this series of tales, is the collector. She has collected these tales from real life people as well as from her own experiences.  Not only does she include erotic tales based on her experiences, but also stories from other people, too. The introduction to each tale not only prepares you for the full-on tale, but also gives you a snippet about Kay Jaybee herself. There’s something special about reading a book where you’re able to get personal with its author too.

The erotic scenes depicted within the paperbacks pages vary from basic sexual exploration, to even tales of unfamiliar fetishes. The content within this book is highly erotic and descriptive at times, while still being eloquent. If you are looking for some very hot short reads, then I’d fully recommend reading The Collector. I thoroughly enjoyed each tale for their uniqueness; however, I was particularly taken by the first story which just made me get a good instant feel about the book and what was to come.

I even enjoyed reading the books epilogue, which is rare, often I skip reading them completely, but not in this book. I particularly enjoyed the following passage:

“The dominatrix is not always young, slim and basque bound. Submissives don’t naturally cower, and can be found hidden within the stronger personality. Anal exploration is not just the province of the gay community, and far more of us are bi-sexual than society is yet ready to admit. You don’t have to be beautiful or thin to be attractive, and you should never ever assume that the ordinary looking forty-something couple in the street only do it missionary style.” Excerpt Page 122 from The Collector by Kay Jaybee.


There are a total of twenty stories within the book. The paperback is rather thin, consisting of 122 pages. The cover of the book is discreet, meaning that you should be able to read this book while out in public.

The Collector is a nice collection of shorts. I feel I will be happy to reread its selection in the future and still find the descriptive writing and erotic encounters, just as stimulating an experience in the future.

You can find out more about Kay Jaybee’s on her website here.

The Collector is available on Amazon in paperback, Here


Kindle, Here.


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