Erotica: Orgasm Day

The following piece was written for Me, by a submissive admirer. Enjoy!

It was ‘Orgasm day’. Matt woke up after a broken night’s sleep, due to excitement. After all, he’d not had orgasm for 6 months. Finally, Orgasm Day was here. He had never anticipated going this long, before. His Mistress, Lady Ness, had been a firm believer of orgasm denial and had implemented a challenging regime of enforced chastity from the very beginning. It had been hard. He’d gone from masturbating to orgasm at least once a day to being banned from touching unless specifically authorised. Authorisations had been few and far between, even at the beginning. He was allowed to slowly stroke himself to the brink of orgasm twice a week and had to wait two weeks before his first actual orgasm. After that, he had to wait three weeks. It was once a month after that for a few months. After his first monthly orgasm he was locked into a chastity device, for extra control. That was hard. He was struggling with the lack of orgasms. With the device he could not even become hard. His body refused to stop trying however, and night times were often quite painful for the first couple of months.

He used to crave orgasms, not just for the few seconds of pleasure, but because being locked was less painful for a day or so afterwards. After a couple of months in the device, Lady Ness decided that he had had enough time to acclimatise and he was to be put on a stricter regime. No more monthly orgasms. After two months, Matt politely asked if he would be granted an orgasm after his third month. “No.” Was the simple response he received. He said nothing further, although not knowing when his next orgasm would be was proving hard for Matt. After his fourth month, Lady Ness wrote ‘Orgasm day’ on his calendar, which was in another two month’s time.

“Is it true?” Matt asked, politely. “Orgasm Day is in two months?”

“Yes, Matt.” Said Lady Ness. “And before you ask,no, I don’t mean my own orgasm. Although I’ll of course be having one, too.”

Matt beamed. It was a long time, but he was a patient and obedient man. He knew he could do it. Two months later and Matt woke up excited. He went to work in a good mood and, although the day seemed to take an age, it finally ended and he made his way to Lady Ness’s studio. She greeted him at the door and he walked in, a little nervous but still very much excited. She looked stunning, as always. Dressed entirely in black, she wore a long black skirt, a beautifully fitted corset and strappy black heels.

“How are you, Matt?” She asked, kindly.

“Very good, Mistress.” Matt answered, politely.

“Good boy.” Said Lady Ness and smiled. “It won’t be long before we can start. Make yourself comfortable.”

Matt knew exactly what she meant. He quickly made his way to one of the changing rooms, removed his clothes, folded them neatly and put on his collar. He then walked briskly back into the main room and knelt beside Lady Ness, who was relaxing in a comfy chair.  After a couple of minutes, the buzzer sounded.

“Answer that, Matt.” Said Lady Ness.

Matt was a little hesitant as he was naked, except for his chastity device and collar, but he obeyed without hesitation. He opened the door and a girl walked in. She was 

young (probably early twenties at most) and pretty and also appeared a little nervous. Matt had no idea what was going on, now. Was she to be involved, too? Would he be performing for both of them? Would she be making him orgasm? His mind was racing.

Lady Ness stood up and greeted the young girl. They held hands and the girl knelt down and kissed Lady Ness’s feet before standing up again.

“Matt, meet Katie. Katie…Matt.” Said Lady Ness. “Katie is another sub of mine. Go and sort yourself out, Katie. We’ll just be here.”

Katie skipped into the changing room and returned moments later in a similar state to Matt, naked, save for a collar and a full chastity belt. She walked over to Lady Ness, who was back sitting in her chair and knelt beside her. They all sat there for a few minutes. Lady Ness in her chair and both subs either side of her, waiting patiently. 

All of a sudden, Lady Ness stood up and walked over to the other side of the room, where one of the beds was. Both Matt and Katie crawled behind her and followed, obediently.

“Stand up, Katie.” Said Lady Ness, firmly.  Katie obeyed immediately. Lady Ness then pulled her necklace from her cleavage and showed a couple of small keys. Matt recognised one of them. It was the key to his device. He wondered if Katie would be the one to unlock him. Lady Ness took the unfamiliar key and looked directly at Matt. She then looked back at Katie and unlocked the padlock on her belt.  She removed the lock completely and began to remove the whole contraption. She removed the front panel to reveal Katie’s smoothly shaven crotch and then removed the belt portion. Katie gasped as it was taken off and stood there naked, shaking slightly.

Lady Ness put the belt down and ran her fingers over Katie’s body as she walked around her. Over the small of her back, over her abs, her breasts, her behind, then finally reached down and felt her crotch. Katie gasped again as Lady Ness slid her fingers inside her. Katie bit her lip and her eyes rolled back into her head.

“How long has it been, Katie?” Asked Lady Ness. She knew full well how long but wanted it said aloud for Matt’s benefit.

“Th…three months, M…miss.” Katie stammered, unable to speak properly.

“Good girl.” Lady Ness stated and smiled as she continued to finger her softly. She looked at Matt, who was now puzzled at what was going on. “Katie has been a very good girl and has also been on a strict orgasm schedule. Not quite as strict as yours, Matt, but she’s far prettier than you are. Today is her Orgasm Day…” She grinned at Matt as she said it. Matt’s face sank. He’d been bested, again. Lady Ness told him she didn’t mean her own orgasm but he didn’t think to ask if there would be a third party involved. He felt silly, and Lady Ness knew it.

Lady Ness pushed Katie back on to the bed and she fell against the soft mattress. Lady Ness kicked off her shoes and undid her skirt, which fell to the floor. She then climbed on the bed and positioned herself by the side of Katie.  She looked her up and down for a short moment before her hands started to stimulate her again. Her right hand fingering her again, her left hand pinching Katie’s nipples. Katie bit her lip again and began to gasp. She pulled and twisted her nipples in turn. Katie arched her back and began to moan.

Matt was still kneeling beside the bed. He was in pain. His cock was desperately trying to get hard in his device, but it was no use. He could feel the intensity of the ring on his device, restricting blood flow out of his cock, but letting more and more in, making his cock larger and firmer, protruding from the bars of his steel device. Right now, he just wanted to break it off.  More than having an orgasm, he wanted the pain to go away and for his cock to be allowed to get hard. He was so frustrated.

Lady Ness then changed positions so she was half laying the opposite way to Katie. She had begun to concentrate on her vulva, fingering her with one hand and pulling her labia apart with the other. Every now and again, running her slender fingers over her glistening clitoris, which was now protruding proudly and eager for any stimulation at all. Katie’s moaning increased in volume and Lady Ness stretched out one of her legs and placed the ball of her foot over Katie’s mouth. Katie began to kiss it passionately.

After a couple more minutes of intense stimulation, Katie was approaching orgasm. Lady Ness clicked her fingers pointed to one of the bedside tables, that had a powerful wand massager on it. Matt hobbled as quickly as he could to the table, fetch it and gave it to Lady Ness who promptly switched it on and pressed it against Katie’s throbbing clitoris.  She moaned out loud and gripped the sheets with her fists. She twisted them round and her whole body shook as she came. Slowly Lady Ness removed the wand and moved her foot from Katie’s face.  She stood up and slowly walked round the bed, watching Katie as she recovered from her intense climax.  Lady Ness then opened a drawer from the bedside cabinet and pulled out a strapon harness. She put it on and fed a realistic, good sized dildo through the O ring. She then began to undo her corset and slipped it off. She was now naked, except for her harness and looked amazing.

She turned to Matt and pointed to the head of the bed. “Sit there, Matt.” She said. Matt stood up and climbed on the bed. Lady Ness then took Katie’s hand and helped her up, before turning her over onto all fours. She then climbed on behind her and pushed her forwards. Katie’s mouth was now close to Matt’s locked cock, which was bulging and throbbing more than ever.

Lady Ness placed her cock at the entrance of Katie’s slick vagina and slowly pushed it inside her. Katie moaned as she felt it deep inside. Lady Ness took it easy at first but built up speed steadily as she held on to Katie’s small waist. Before long, she was thrusting powerfully inside her and Katie was struggling not to scream. After another few minutes of thrusting, Lady Ness pulled out her cock and clicked her fingers at Matt again. She pointed to the other bedside table. Matt saw the lube on it and quickly reached over and threw it to Lady Ness, who squeezed out a generous amount onto the already slick dildo. She then Squeezed out another amount onto her fingers and began to penetrate her anally. Katie moaned slightly again and after a few short moments gave a louder groan as Lady Ness popped the head of her cock into her. With longer and longer thrusts, soon she was deep inside her, the fronts of her thighs meeting with the backs of Katie’s. She reached for the wand that was still beside her and turned it on again before reaching around and pressing it against Katie’s vulva again.  By this point Katie was struggling to keep herself from falling on the bed and had grabbed Matt’s thighs with her hands, her head bobbing up and down in front of Matt’s cock as she was being penetrated so roughly.

Her orgasm built again and soon she was starting to moan loudly again. Lady Ness turned up the wand and thrusted as hard as she could as Katie enjoyed her second climax before flopping down on the bed, exhausted. Lady Ness held her waist for a couple of minutes before slowly pulling out her cock.  Lady Ness climbed off the bed, walked around to the headboard and motioned to Matt with her finger.  He crawled towards her and before he knew it, her hand was pulling the back of his head forwards. He had no option but to open his mouth. She thrust her cock deep inside his throat.  For a brief moment, nay thought he would enjoy tasting Katie, but he couldn’t concentrate on that with his throat being penetrated so roughly. His eyes watered and he could hear the sound of him gagging & choking but could do nothing about it. It hurt and was uncomfortable, but being taken advantage of when vulnerable was a turn on for Matt and his cock continued to strain in his cage. After a couple of minutes, Lady Ness removed her cock from his mouth, tipped his head back and stroked his face with it.  “Good boy.” She said and then slowly removed her strapon. She then walked to the next bed and motioned for Matt to join her.

“It’s my turn to have an orgasm now, Matt.” She said. “I didn’t wear your mouth out too much then because I need it, now.”

Matt walked over to the bed, promptly, his cock still throbbing and in pain. “Thank you, Mistress.” Said Matt. “I…I’m not going to have an orgasm today after all, am I Miss?” He asked sheepishly.

“No.” Said Lady Ness, looking him deeply in the eyes. “No, you’re not…”

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