Erotic Cutlery

The Cutlery Commission is a company who produces hand-stamped silver-plated cutlery. Each piece contains a pun or message engraved into them, making these implements more unique when compared to standard silverware.

Not only do they produce items which would make excellent everyday gifts, they also specialise in romantic and erotic messages, which would makes these perfect complement to any romantic meal.

You can purchase their erotic homeware from Coco de Mer, Here. I’d recommend signing-up to there newsletter Here – I managed to save £25 off my order when spending over £50.


I recently treated myself to two dessert forks, with the following messages printed onto them:

Bite me


You need a good fork

forks erotic

These suggestive messages are perfect for when I’m entertaining a lover, a we do tend to try and focus on the romantic and erotic side when dinning together, with dishes which can provoke arousal and playfulness.


The quality of each piece is also exceptional, and the silver-plating has been applied well, and the words have been stamped into the forks surfaces well. Each fork is different in style and the words printed into each individual piece differ slightly in letter spacing and alignment, making them more special than the average mass-produced dining-ware.


This exclusive collection also arrives in gorgeous Coco de Mer wrapping paper, which is adorned with stickers containing the Coco de Mer logo.

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