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When it comes to glass sex toys and anal play, I have very few glass toys designed for anal stimulation. I have one glass butt plug, and in comparison to my other silicone and plastic plugs it can be a bit of a challenge. EdenFantasys were kind enough to send me the Emerald Explorer, which is a graduating girth anal probe. Compared to my other glass plug, this seemed like it would get more general use, as its girth is slightly smaller.
The Emerald Explorer comes in very simple packaging compared to most glass sex toys purchased in the UK. It’s placed inside a soft red velvet drawstring bag, with bubble wrap tightly insulating it, keeping it snug and secure. Simple, and yet so effective that the toy arrived in the UK from the US, without any cracks or breakages. The bag isn’t overly padded, so you may want to invest in a more secure bag at some point. As the Emerald Explorer is made from Pyrex glass it’s unlikely to break compared with everyday glass, but it’s always better to be cautious when travelling with or storing your sex toys. The drawstring doesn’t stay closed by itself, so I’ve found that some type of knot is necessary.
The Emerald Explorer comes in two colours, one of them being emerald green, and the other a purple tinted glass. I received the purple version, which is rather subtle but good-looking. The toy is approximately 7 inches in length with 4.5 inches of insertable length. At the base, there is a looped handle, which is about 2 inches in diameter; not only does this mean that the toy shouldn’t travel completely into the anal canal, but you also have a generously sized handle offering a secure grip and control – I can manage to comfortably loop three fingers round the handle. There are five ball-like bumps moulded together, which slowly expand from the tapered tip to the base. The first ball is 3 inches in circumference; each ball increases in width until the fifth ball, which is 3.75 inches in circumference. Each ball is just less than 1 inch in length. The toy does have a slight weight to it compared to similarly sized silicone or plastic toys. 
When using the toy I found it was best to apply lubrication beforehand. The tip is tapered and I found the first three bumps easy to insert. When inserting the anal probe you can feel each bump softly pop into the anal canal. Once fully inserted and relaxed the toy produces less of a popping sensation and more of a rippling. Removing the toy I found that each ball softly popped out, and didn’t produce such a strong sensation as when inserting them, probably due to how well lubricated the toy, and relaxed my body, was. The fourth and fifth ball-like bumps took some time to insert after relaxation. I found once the toy was fully inserted, that even though it felt comfortably in position, it just didn’t want to stay in by itself. I’m sure not everyone will experience this problem, but I personally find slightly curved anal toys work better as a plug. As an anal probe, the toy works very well. You can easily use the handle to angle the shaft and use the toy in a thrusting motion, leading to the ball-like bumps sending ripples of pleasure through your body. The handle, even though large, didn’t get in the way of vaginal insertion and stimulation. I did find that the toy will try and pop out during vaginal orgasm due to muscular spasms, but most of the time only the lower two balls would slip out, unlike some toys where the whole toy can slide out even during the weakest of orgasms. I also enjoyed rotating the toy once inserted, which produced less intense sensations than when thrusting, but was still pleasurable.
 I found the textures on the anal probe to be very gratifying, particularly when the toy had been warmed-up. Warming the toy will also help you to insert the toy and relax your muscles. To warm the toy, just place it under warm running water for a few minutes. The glass seems to retain heat for quite some time. You can also cool the glass by either putting it in an ice bucket, into the fridge or freezer, or running under a cold tap for a few minutes. 
Cleaning the toy is easy; it can be washed in warm water and antibacterial wash. As glass is non-porous it can also be easily sterilised, or put through the dishwasher. When putting through the dishwasher you have to be aware that some glass items will lose their colouration over time.
After cleaning the toy, thanks to the hygienic nature of glass, you can use the toy for vaginal stimulation. The bumps can feel satisfying rubbing against the vaginal wall, but the toy doesn’t really stimulate the G-spot. When using the toy vaginally, it works best for shallow textured stimulation to the nerve endings round the vaginal entrance, and within the first few inches of the vagina. This is another toy that may work better vaginally if it had slightly wider girth – though as an anal toy I found the girth was just right for me.
Overall, I still like the Emerald Explorer even though I wasn’t able to use it as a plug. I feel that if straight shafts suit your body when using anal plugs, then it would work well. The Emerald Explorer did work well as an anal probe/dildo, and the graduating ball-like bumps produced more pleasure than I expected possible upon first appearance. I would recommend this toy to anyone who’s new to anal toys, due to the thin girth and how you are able to build up slowly to each ball. It’s even a good toy for those who are more used to anal toys, thanks to the possibility of temperature play.
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