ElectraStim Silicone Noir Nona G-Spot Electro Probe

The ElectraStim Silicone Noir Nona G-Spot Electro Probe, is a silicone toy which allows direct electrostimulation to the G-spot (or P-spot), when connected to a compatible ElectroStim pack. The new Silicone Noir range from Electrostim is, what I feel, what the market have been waiting for in a set-up in quality in electrostimulation attachments. Prior to these devices, electrostimulation items have been less pin-point, made from cheaper materials, and also capable of producing shocks to undesired and areas the item predominantly wasn’t designed to zap. But these beautifully designed silky silicone toys have basically even shocked me with their quality.



The Noir Nona G-Spot Electro Probe is packed in a clean-cut box. The Nona is inside resting within a foam rest with the addition of an instruction leaflet slotted in alongside it.

The product is 3.5 inches in insertable length with a maximum of 4.3 inches circumference. The tip of the toy has several raised grooved aimed at providing additional stimulation to the G-spot / P-spot. The base of the product is flared, making the item safe for either vaginal insertion or use anally. Within the base with will find two holes for the connector leads. It is made from luxurious silicone, and is seam-free. This particular item from the Silicone Noir range is a bi-polar product and will require the attachment of two 2mm pin connectors leading from the addition of a compatible ElectraStim power pack.


When using the Nona, I decided to first explore using it vaginally, and see how well the item stimulated my G-spot. After connecting it up to my ElectraStim Flick, I added a coating of Electra-Stimulation gel to the products surface and inserted the item into my already aroused vagina, with the curve pointing towards my belly button. The tip of the toy nestled against my G-spot comfortably, and the flared-base sat smoothly between my labia.

I slowly started upping the power of the product, and as the strength increased, my vaginal walls started to pulse with pleasure. First, the current tickled my G-spot, and as the power became more intense I could feel it was flowing through to my clitoral legs, then into my clitorises head swelling it with throbbing satisfaction. This experience was very new to me, as in the past electrostimulation products have been less pin-point, causing the current to hit undesired spots which would lead to discomfort. However, with the Nona, its aim was spot on and only stimulated my vagina, and did not electrocute my labia externally (which personally I find painful). When using the Nona, the experience was very relaxing and pleasurable, however it did not cause me to climax. I feel this is due to my body desiring more powerful electrostimulation when used internally. Which sadly, my ElectraStim pack couldn’t reach (A note to the company: please, please design a stronger pack which is compatible with your ElectraStim insertable).


When using the Nona Anally, I found that the product was easy to insert due to its contours and quality silicone. This is the first electrostimulation product I have experimented with anally. I had avoided other products in the past due to their shape, their lack of flared base, their sharp plastic, and more. But the Nonas design has reassured me so much, that I was happy to explore this form of play. Anally, I enjoyed the stimulation, and could even feel the current stimulate my vaginal walls partly too. The product was extremely comfortable.


My partner tested the product anally too, and found that it easily slid in, and once in place its tip rested against his prostate. As he upped the current, the electrostimulation left him shuddering in pleasure, which he never thought he would experience. He found the experience highly enjoyable, but also desired some stronger settings with the ElectraStim pack.


Cleaning the Nona is easy due to it being made from medical grade silicone. Simply unplug all the connecting leads, and wash the product with warm water and antibacterial wash. Only use the item once it has fully dried from previous cleaning.

My only qualm with the product is that it didn’t come with a storage bag. The power issues with the ElectraStim pack is more of our personal desires, and not the attachment. We’re just power hungry.


Overall, I am very happy with the Nona, it’s an excellent ElectraStim attachment, and hits all the right spots. ElectraStim, I am very pleased that you have finally helped move electrostimulation play, out of the dark ages – Bravo.


Thank you to ElectraStim for providing me with this item for my review. You can find out more here.


Please note, I will add my own photos to this entry at a later date, once my subs have ventured under my bed to find the item.

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