Eco-Sex Symposium Panels


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Let me teach you about a new pleasure spot I explored this week in Colchester known as the E-spot. The E-spot is an eco-spot and the idea was present to me in the forms of workshops run by Annie Sprinkles and various other amazing sex educator and sex positive people.

So what is ecosexual? Well it’s where we gain pleasure from the earth and nature and see it as our lover.

“ecosexual  \i-ˈkō-sek-sh(ə-)wəl

Eco–From latin oeco: home, household.

1: A person that finds nature romantic,  sensual and sexy.

2: A new sexual identity.

3: Person who takes the earth as their lover.

4: A term used in dating that describes a person interested in environmentalism.

5. An environmental activist strategy.

6. A new movement.

7. See the “Ecosex Manifesto.”

8. Other…yet to be explored/defined.


sexecology  \seks-i-ˈkä-lə-jē\

(n.) A new field of research exploring the places sexology and ecology intersect. A term coined by Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle.


sexecologist \seks- i-ˈkä-lə-jist\

(n.) A person who explores or works in sexecology.” Quoted from


So on Friday I travelled to Colchester, and unfortunately arrived late due to the train disruptions. Once I had found my way to the art centre I made my way into a small quaint church. The hall was packed with men and women all waiting and chatting about sexuality. The environment was positive and calm and very relaxing and I very quickly got to know many of the people there.


The first set of panels I had the pleasure of viewing were not what I expected. If I’m honest I went to the event with very little idea on what being an eco sexual was, all I had was my experiences and theories in which I had explored and taught some of my clients. The three participants in the first panel were highly intellectual speakers and their knowledge was vast and impressive. I particularly enjoyed the talk by Uriel Fogué “From Ecology in the dressing table to the Ecology in furs. (Eco) sadism and (eco)masochism: basis for a political ecology and a pornological geography”, and I almost cheered as he pulled out a fur scarf and wrapped it around his neck during his talk. The other speakers involved in the panel were Kate O’Riordan and Joanna Zylinska who’s talks were marvellous and I wish I had chatted to them more about their ideas and work.

Lunch arrived and I slowly introduced myself to so many people and felt at home right away. We decided to picnic outside together and chat about our talks. Chatting about erotic massage to making safer and friendly environments for sex workers to work in and through. I had a quick chat with Annie too about the talk I had planned and she was very lively and positive – just how I had imagined her to be.

The next group of panels were more visual, and I really enjoyed Morticia Catherine
EcoNesting and the Art of Taking Care panel and loved her concept about home nesting (which was used in a song I wrote about orgasm and sex toy testing at Norwich Pride this week). Nicolas Dumit Estevez panelAn Ecology of Love: Falling for the Bronx’ had some heart touching images as he talked through the way the Bronx had developed after a devastating past and how his creativity and love for the area helped develop in and its inhabitancy into something more beautiful once again. I was highly happy to have met Grace Gelder an erotic photographer and of the co-producers for the Erotic Awards, and she showed us an interesting images of a snail on a nude body.

After another break Annie and Beth both spoke about their career as ecosexuals and marry the earth, moon, and other sensual parts of nature. Dr Luke Dixon educated us about bee keeping which was highly interesting and actually not as scary as I thought (I have a slight fear of bees). I loved the talk by Helena Willson who dreams of creating a safe environment for sex workers and her past work as a sex worker was inspiring. The next panel our speaker turned her back onto us for part of her talk, Caroline Waters speech had an incredible amount of movement to it and she was a very fun and lively ecosexual to water as her dancers muscles flexed as she talked about her passions.

The first day was almost over and then appeared on a screen an artistic sex performance by Gabriella Daris who danced and moved her body to the chimes of a piano and erotically moving birds perched on her naked body. I managed to chat with Gabriella a lot during the two days and I have to say she is lovely as well as very creative, and that it is really worth viewing her stuff.


After rushing off to catch my train home early I managed to get a few hours sleep, while spent a few hours developing my talk. I had already felt energised and inspired by the first day and was looking forward to rising early with the sun the next morning. I travelled back to Colchester in a spacious first class carriage and sat there writing about anal sex. Upon arriving at day two I was treated to an ecosex meditation and yoga session run by sex educator Sarah Rose Bright.

Poppy Jackson workshop wasThe Vagina as Autonomous Zone E-Zine’ which was an interesting look at female sexuality. Dani Ploeger talk on Sex / Waste’ was very creative and I found it very creative of him with the way he broke-up a mobile phone.

Part two of day two had quickly arrived and we all sat down to listen about bees being used to create music and were rewarded with aHive Synthesis performance’ by Bioni Samp. Then Maria Prieto and Roxanne Werter talked about ‘Militating Invasive Eco-Sex Erotica in Wasteland’: This project centres on the shattered dreams from disappointment and related emotional ecologies aroused with regards to the present-day non-stop spread of technological wastelands on the planet.”


Finally it was time for my talk and another one showing us some lovely images. I spoke about sex toys and eco sex toys and recycling, from problems about recycling glass sex toys, to using Lovehoney’s WEEE program, as well as talking about toxic toys and how they affect our environment. I also shared my philosophy on how I see the world as a sex toy and ended my talk with some eco-vibe pictures from #ToywithmeTuesday.


We broke for a late lunch and we all mingled as Annie, Beth, and Danny set-up the closing discussion. Gathering in a circle we all grouped together and shared our thoughts about how the Symposium Panels went and what we had learned and enjoyed about it.


I went away from the panels feeling positive and ecosexy. I am glad I attended and will attend again in the future as well as educate my clients about eco-sex too. I have also been inspired to put together my own little outdoor explorations and will probably be connecting and working with many of the amazing people I met in the future. So thank you!

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