Dr Sado’s Total submission Device

Sex toy review of Dr Sado’s Total submission Device written by Ness


Dr Sado’s Total submission device is essentially an all-in-one cock and ball torture sex toy. It comprises of a metal butt plug fixed to a bar that follows onto two metal clamps for the testicle’s separating them and crushing them simultaneously, at the end of the product is a penis clamp, and finally an O-ring is attached to the end for playfully sadistic tugging (and may even work as a pull in extreme cases of tug of war). So you have cock and ball crushing, and anal penetration, all at once.

CBT sex toy

The device is made from chrome plated stainless steel and weighs a whopping 953 grams. It comprises of a butt plug, a ball crusher, and a penis crusher, all put together as a form of CBT torture rack. Its total length is 10 inches and the maximum width it can be is 4 inches.

The butt plug is a cone shape style and has a total insertable length of 3.5 inches and circumference of 4.25 inches.

The ball clamp can be widened at one side to a maximum of 1.6 inches, meaning that you have an ample amount of room to pop one testicle through and then you can tighten the device around it to allow room for the opposite side to be threaded between the bars before tightening. The ball crusher can be placed into two positioned, one being closer to the butt plug than the other; however, you may need a spanner of pliers to do this.

The penis clamp can be made to a maximum of 2 inches. It can be placed into 6 different locations, each around 1 cm further away from the butt plug. At the front of the device is an O-ring perfect for attaching a lead or rope.


When first looking at this device it may look like one of those magic wire puzzles as there’s a lot going on, but it’s a lot simpler to use than I imagined. With my submissive lying on the massage bench, I made him draw his feet towards his bump allowing me to have complete access to his anus and genitals. After applying a fair amount of lubricant to his anus the metal plug slipped in easily.

Next in line was using the ball crusher part. I had made sure that the nuts had been unwound to the maximum width making popping through each testicle fairly easy (although with one sub I wasn’t able to thread each ball individually through each separate clamp, instead I just popped both through one side which still did the job well). It’s worth noting that there are two different positions the testicle clamp can be placed, meaning that if there’s a larger distance from the balls to the rectum then you can move the clamps closer of further depending on the submissives individual anatomy.

Finally, you can thread the penis shaft through the penis clamp. You can have the penis clamp closer to the ball clamp or further away, depending on what’s easiest. Or simply you can have it positioned further to stretch the flaccid clamped penis. Although, my personal favourite is to bring the flaccid penis over the top of the clamp, then threading it in backward before tightening the metal bar down onto the glans.

Using the O-ring to tug and cause extra sensation can be hit and miss. If my submissive is bound and laying on his back it is fine, however, if my sub is trying to walk around with this device inserted into his body sadly the butt plug falls out. I’m a great fan of humblers and was hoping for slightly similar results where I’d be able to walk my sub around, yet sadly this isn’t possible due to the butt plugs stem being far too short to really nestle into the body.


When cleaning this device you may want a soft bristle tooth brush to help clean the threads of the bolts. As it is chrome plated metal it can be washed in wash water with antibacterial soap or even placed into the dishwasher for a carefree clean-up.


Overall, this product works best when a submissive is lying down and is being very still. Too much movement and the plug can pop out. It’s still fun to use, but if you’re looking to use this device on a moving sub then you may want to look out for one that either has a longer stem on the butt plug or a curved plug rather than coned.


Thank you to MEO for sending me this device to review. You can find out more here.


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