The DewciBox, is a monthly subscription box filled with adult goodies which are selected and aimed for those looking to spice-up an evening. The box is £25 in price and you are expected to receive roughly £50 worth of goodies. I first came across the product when browsing one of my twitter friends profiles (@MissBelleKnight), and thought they were an awesome idea, particularly because they not only provide sex related bits, but include an alcoholic beverage within them too. I’ve tried various adult subscription boxes in the past and they often have been mostly filled with cheap sex toys, or often sex books (mostly the novelty variation), but the DewciBox aired a more sophisticated feel and look to it.

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I received May’s box, and within it, I did receive well over what the recommended retail price is of the subscription. Within my package I found, a can of pimms, a chocolate heart, a massage heart, massage lotion, a playboy condom, Luwi contraception, a battery powered bullet vibrator, and a pack of male enhancement pills. This particular month, proved that Dewcibox were different to all the past subscription boxes Id tried, for starters, there was only one sex toy within the parcel.

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Some of the contents found within.

I liked the fact that there were both male and female contraception choices provided. The female contraception however is female condoms, and whilst I’m a fan of these (particularly for fisting, I know many normally would still sadly avoid them. A quick note about Luwi; I’ve tried various female condom brands before, these weren’t very different in feel from panaste, my main issue with luwi is that they do not make it clear they are female condoms on the packaging. They also don’t provide well written instructions and could hugely benefit from insertion and user diagrams. I’m still pleased to receive both, regardless of these facts, but new female condom users may be put off using them due to the description being unclear, etc.

The condom won’t be used during coitus but more as a quick method of clean-up during male masturbation, as I am slightly sensitive to latex condoms.

The pimms was enjoyable, and the chocolate was a nice touch. The chocolate itself is more like advent calendar chocolate, which actually I don’t mind, but it does bring on nostalgia of my childhood which maybe isn’t the greatest way to set the mood. Plus, I feel that two chocolates need to be provided, as the box is obviously aimed at couples,. Whilst did share my chocolate heart with my lover, I partly regretted it, and thus leading to slight evil glares their way condemning them for stealing my chocolate.

I probably won’t use the enhancement pills with a lover, but will devise a form of torture for a submissive with them. Maybe a chastity sub will find them particularly fun…

The bullet is a pretty standard chrome plated bullet. It’s ideal for those who don’t have a big sex toy supply, or those looking to take something disposable on holiday with them. If you’re looking into these boxes to advance your sex toy collection, you may wish to look into another subscription box more sex toy focused.

The massage oil is fairly good quality oil, and will be used when I get a little more free time. I like the fact they provide a massage heart too, which warms when the metallic disc inside is bent. I’ve received massage hearts in the past in other boxes, but this is the first time a company has had the sense to provide massage lotion with it.



The subscription box arrived in a plan cardboard box, meaning it is inconspicuous.  Inside you will find a small black box, with the brand name printed on top. The box is tied with a ribbon and has a magnetic latch, meaning its ideal for reusing. I could quite happily leave the box out in plain view, and no one will know what a DewciBox is due to its unusual name. The box is filled with shredded black paper, which was fun to dig through to find the little surprises within.


Overall, the box is value for money. If you’re looking for a small box of contraception and a few foreplay items to spice-up a night in or away, then it maybe for you. Maybe you’re a couple who only really gets one weekend to yourself, and don’t have the time to shop around for your night of passion – then this is for you. However, if you are looking for a more sex toy focused product, I’d recommend trying a different subscription service.



Thank you to Dewci for sending me one of their boxes to try. You can find-out more here.

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