Crystal Delights Mini Twist Plug

The Crystal Delights Mini Twist Plug is a small glass toy with a spiralling tip. In the base of the toy you will find a beautiful crystal. I’ve never tried a twisting anal toy, and so was full of speculation as to how it would compare with the popping sensations received from analbeads. As well as wondering how well the plug would sit when worn anally, I wondered if the long twisted stem would produce a satisfying feeling when used vaginally.
The Twist plug arrives in a black satin padded bag which is very discreet and attractive. Crystal Delights really have done an amazing job with the packaging, making sure your glass toy is protected thanks to a thick layer of quilted padding.
The Twist is 5 inches in length with 4.25 inches of insertable shaft. The flared base is about 5.75 inches round, and embedded into it is a beautiful Swarovski crystal, which is available in a selection of colours. The one I received features a clear crystal, which looks stunning when seen glistening in natural light alongside the sparkling spiralling shaft. The plug’s stem is around 1.5 inches long and 1.75 inches in girth. It has a straight shaft, perpendicular to the base of the toy. The shaft widens out in a spiral motion, and has a maximum 3.5 inches of girth. The shaft twists for 2.75 inches of its length and ends in a slightly flattened tip. All Crystal Delightstoys are handmade out of the finest borosilicate glass with their own uniquely cut crystals; none are exactly identical in shape and design.
When using the plug anally I found I only required a small amount of additional lubrication prior to insertion. I found that there are two different ways of inserting the plug, offering very different sensations. 
One way is to insert the plug in a twisting motion. This offered a cascading delight of pleasure as the spiralling shaft gently twisted into my anal canal. The sensations slowly ebbed away once the toy was fully inserted. I was able to use the plug as a miniature anal probe, slowly twisting the toy in and out, producing intensely thrilling waves of pleasure. When using the toy in a twisting motion, I found my pelvic floor muscles gripped the toy firmer than when simply sliding the toy into my anal canal. After using the toy in a twisting motion I found that the best way to remove the toy was to simply twist it back out. 
The second way is to simply slide the toy into the anal canal. This offered a slight popping sensation. Although the insertion of the toy was easy, I think I prefer using the plug in a twisting motion, as my pelvic floor muscles have more time to get to grips with each spiral, having closer contact with the toy. This meant that more nerve endings were stimulated as my body became perfectly entwined with the toy, as compared to simply just popping it into position. When removing the plug after inserting it this way, I found that it produced a popping sensation, and left my anal canal vaguely gaping.
When wearing the plug, I found that it was comfortable enough to wear for prolonged periods of time and never slipped out inconveniently. The flared base sat nicely between my buttocks and wasn’t noticeable through clothing. The plug also gave me the impression of fullness during wear, and I was able to feel my pelvic floor muscles comfortably and pleasurably hold onto the weight of the toy.
Wearing the plug during vaginal penetration worked successfully. The plug’s base didn’t interfere with my vaginal orifice, and even during the most potent of orgasms it stayed in position.
The plug is surprisingly satisfying when used as a vaginal toy. When inserting the toy in a twisting motion I’m able to stimulate my G-spot softly as the spiral rubs up and down on it. When used in a thrusting motion, the spiralling tip offered a small amount of ribbed sensation along my G-spot and vaginal opening. I am able to achieve a vaginal orgasm with the plug, however it takes a bit longer than when using a larger toy – this is partly due to the toy having less of a handle for me to hold, meaning I lack the precise control I need for G-spot stimulation.
The spiralling shaft works sensationally when used externally during temperature play, especially when massaging the vulva and between my labia.
When cleaning the toy, simply wash with antibacterial soapand water, or place it into sterilising solution. You may want to clean the crystal with a damp cloth and dry away any smudges – I recommend using a soft microfibre cloth.
Overall, I really like the Crystal Delights Mini Twist Plug. It’s an exceptional plug. I love the way the plug feels entwined into my body, almost as if it’s designed specifically for me. I was also very surprised with how effective it is when used vaginally. I would recommend it to anyone who’s new to, or even experienced in anal play; it’s also a toy to consider if you’re not a fan of larger vaginal toys.
You can purchase the Mini Twist Plug directly from Crystal Delights here. Currently you can not purchase the Twist Plug in the UK.  

Uberkinky stock a small but beautiful selection of Crystal Delights products here.

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