Couture Collection Seduction

This month I received the Couture Collection Seduction hands-free stimulating massager from Cal Exotics. This massager reminds me of sex toys similar to the iRide, which are designed to be used in a rocking motion. The Seduction is designed to stimulate the G-spot when being used in a rocking motion; it has a simple to use power pack with controls on a short cord, making the toy easy to ride.

The Couture Collection Seduction arrives in a frosted plastic box; you are able to see the product resting in a plastic insert. On the back of the box there is an instructional diagram stating that the toy is a skin safe, waterproof silicone vibrator, with LED light-up controls. The toy is smaller than I expected, being 4 inches in length with only 3 inches of insertable shaft. This shouldn’t matter as the G-spot is located within the first few inches of the vaginal canal. Also, due to the flared base and shortness of the shaft, this toy may work well anally. The Seduction is made from lilac coloured silicone which is smooth to the touch; it produces moderate drag when rubbed against dry skin, so you may need additional lubrication when using the toy. The top of the toy slopes, forming a flat head meant for G-spot stimulation. The base of the toy is flared and curved meaning that it can rock easily. On the topside of the base there are two nubs which can produce additional stimulation when in use. Leading out through the bottom of the base is a white cord measuring 20 inches in length, which I feel is a little on the short side. It leads out of the centre of the base, so it can make the rocking motions more jerky feeling, rather than smooth. At the end of the cord there is a power pack which takes 2 AAA batteries. On the power pack there is a violet motif, surrounding the two control buttons; one On/Off button and one mode button. There are seven vibration modes. The first three are single speed modes and relatively powerful, and the following four are various pulsation and escalation functions. When using the toy the buttons will illuminate red. Personally I would’ve preferred a different LED colour for the controls; the red clashes somewhat with the lilac colouration and girly feel of the product. 
When using the toy, I found that foreplay and a small amount of additional lubricant were needed prior to insertion, due to the shape of the flattened tip. Once inserted, I found that the toy wasn’t the right shape and size to stimulate my G-spot. I feel that if it was slightly more curved, and with a little extra shaft, it would’ve worked as a G-spot toy. Also, once inserted, I found the cord to be a little too short, making it uncomfortable when positioning my body, as I was worried about accidentally ripping the cord. Once inserted and sitting on a flat surface I tried using the toy in a rocking motion. I found the flared base was too large to do this comfortably as it dug into my pelvic girdle and tendons. For me, when I use a hands free toy, I want to be able to comfortably lose control and enjoy the experience, similar to when I have intercourse. I feel that maybe if I had a little more padding on my pelvic area, then this toy might’ve been more comfortable for me to use. When using the toy with the vibrations on I could easily feel them throughout the shaft and flared base. The vibrations stimulated my vaginal entrance and vulva, and felt fairly strong and quiet.

I decided to try out the Seduction as an anal toy, to see if it would work better for me than when used vaginally. Unfortunately I found the tip too uncomfortable for anal insertion, even with additional lubricant.

Cleaning the toy is simple due to it being made from silicone and being waterproof – just use your standard antibacterial cleaner and water. I have submerged both the toy and power pack underwater successfully, meaning that even if the power pack becomes dirty it can be easily cleaned. 

Overall, I like the feminine aesthetics of the toy, and the idea of it being hands-free with moderately strong vibrations, but unfortunately it just didn’t work for me. I feel that if the shaft was just slightly longer, and a little more curved, then it would’ve worked well stimulating my G-spot. The toy might still work when stimulating other people’s G-spot, due to everyone’s anatomy being subtly different. I also feel that the flared base needed to be a slightly different shape or softer material to make it comfortable to use, as I have an athletic build. A slightly longer power cord would’ve been nice too. Even though this toy didn’t really work for me, I feel that it might be a good toy for some people. 
You can purchase this toy from California Exotics.

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