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The Close2you Opus is a curved silicone vibrator which is meant to offer simultaneous internal and external stimulation. Close2you’s aim is to bring elegance and art into adult products by making functional silicon sculptures. The shaft of the Opus is designed to gently clamp down onto the G-spot, whilst the thicker lower shaft rests closely against the vulva. The product can be used hands-free whilst sitting, meaning you’re able to gently rock the device’s tip against your G-spot whilst the smooth external section grooves against your clitoris.




The Opus arrives in a solid luxury cardboard box, with a magnetic flap lid and two removable cardboard trays. The box is well constructed, and looks like a jewellery box, although sadly it has an obvious image of the vibrator as well as a black and white picture of a nude couple upon its lid. Opening up the top flap reveals the vibrator, displayed beneath a clear plastic window. There is no access to the product from here; it is merely for show. The toy is located in the top tray, which slides out easily. It rests securely within a removable foam cut-out. The bottom draw is filled with a selection of accessories, including an instructional booklet, a sample of lubricant, an antibacterial wet wipe, two AAA batteries, a purple drawstring bag, and a purple silicone cock ring with the company’s logo moulded onto it in raised font.


The Opus is a silicone vibrator with an insertable length of 4.5 inches, and approximately 6 inches of external shaft. The insertable shaft has a maximum girth of 3.75 inches and is made from velvet-touch silicone, offering minimal friction drag when rubbed against dry skin. The head of the toy is rounded and slightly bulbous, with a raised ridge demarking it, most prominently on its underside. The insertable part of the toy is quite firm yet highly flexible. There is an easily visible yet mild manufacturing mould line on the product, which causes no interference during insertion. The external part of the toy has a maximum circumference of 5.25 inches and offers a surface area width of up to 2 inches for vulva stimulation.

The final two inches of the product’s exterior shaft comprises the battery cap, made from coated ABS plastic, and the controls – two silicone buttons, an On/Off button and a function button. To insert the two AAA batteries provided, simply twist the cap open and slip them in, then twist the cap together again so it clicks and locks into position. The toy has eight modes of vibration. There are three continuous modes of varying intensities, and five different modes of pulsation and escalation. The toy offers fairly buzzy vibrations which can be felt mostly in the middle of the internal part of the shaft, and also the lower area of the external shaft near the control unit. I found the function button a little difficult to press at times, and the raised bump on it prodded my uncalloused fingertips uncomfortably when pressed.  Sadly the vibrations aren’t focused strongly enough at the tip of the toy to provide good G-spot stimulation.


The cock ring provided is made from purple silicone. The three quarter inch thick band’s diameter starts at 1.5 inches, and can be stretched to approximately 2.5 inches.

During insertion the tip of the toy popped into my vaginal orifice comfortably, but due to the sharp bend in the shaft and its overenthusiastic ping back reflexes, inserting the internal portion wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. I tried applying the tip of the product against my G-spot, but this meant that the external shaft wasn’t able to rest against my clitoris or vulva at all.  Due to the overly long external length and very flexible bend, whilst using the product for G-spot stimulation I was unable to gain rhythmic control. The product’s shaft also kept trying to ping itself out of my vagina when engaged in thrusting motions. Inserting the shaft deeper into my vagina meant that the tip of the product hit my cervix and offered some stimulation to my A-spot. It also made the lower shaft rest against my vulva perfectly. The control cap still protruded past my pelvic mound, giving me access to the buttons. Whilst using the toy fully inserted I found the main shaft offered very little internal stimulation. Only the curved tip offered pressure to the anterior of my vagina, making the remainder of the shaft somehow miss the front of my vagina completely. The external shaft offered minimal vibrations externally, but due to the lack of contouring and texture it wasn’t sufficient enough to invoke orgasm. The vibrations softly buzzed up through the internal shaft and I was able to feel them gently stimulating my A-spot. Sadly the product just seems to be the wrong shape for my body, and the vibrations too weak.


Cleaning the Opus is easy. You can use the handy antibacterial wipe to clean the product off after first use, or opt for your standard antibacterial wash and water.


Personally, I haven’t been satisfied by the Opus and its shape. I loved the packaging and the extra accessories provided, but unfortunately the product was unable to offer any convincing internal stimulation. I found the broad external stimulator to be lacking in power and focus when attempting to stimulate my most sensitive areas, such as my clitoris and labia. Although the Opus hasn’t worked for my body’s anatomy, it may work for yours. If you prefer slender insertable vibrators with a long shaft and mild vibrations, it may be an option to consider.



Thank you to Sweet Sutra for sending me the Opus for my review. You can find out more here.

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