Chastity erotica from an admirer

Chastity Erotica by an unknown admirer


An admirer of mine kindly wrote some chastity erotica for me. It’s actually very good, so I’ve decided to share it with you guys – enjoy!



Matt and Nessa were sat on the floor of Nessa’s living room, facing each other. Matt was naked, as he always was when they were alone together. Nessa was wearing black jeans and a corset top.  She often dressed a little gothy and a lot dominant. Matt loved it. He smiled at her as he sat still.  His legs outstretched. She sat cross legged in front of him with a mischievous look in her eye.

“Matt” She said, looking him deep in the eyes.

“Yes Nessa?” Matt answered politely.

“It arrived!” She beamed at him as she said it and pointed to the package beside her. Matt had been hoping that was the news she was going to tell him. He’d been so excited about it.

Matt’s cock, although completely flaccid at first, was beginning to grow. He couldn’t help it. He hadn’t even seen it yet, but just the thought that it was in that package turned him on immensely.

Nessa leaned over and opened the package in front of him.  Their first chastity device!  They’d practiced orgasm control since they started dating over a year ago. Matt hadn’t actually masturbated since before that first date when she took away his permission to touch.  Ever since then, she’d been the only one to make him cum, when, and only when, she wanted him to.  She made him go two weeks at first and had been gradually increasing the time between his orgasms ever since.  These days, every six to eight weeks was about average.

Recently though, they’d been talking about taking it a step further.  Matt had reached the stage where he actually craved long denial periods.  The first week or two was usually very hard for him, but after that, it was wonderful. The constant state of arousal he felt after three or four weeks was, for him, bliss.  If he was made to orgasm at that point he’d often be left with a few seconds of pleasure but then a post orgasm low that would last until he reached that point of ecstasy again.  Neither Nessa nor Matt enjoyed that beginning period so when they chatted about their feelings and emotions, as they often did about all things sexual, Matt admitted he hated that initial period and also that he found it very hard not to touch himself after five or six weeks, even though he knew deep down he loved it. “We need to lock you in a chastity device.” Nessa said, matter of factly, when he told her. So, that evening in their local pub, they searched for a device on Matt’s laptop. It was more fun for Nessa as they both knew their screen could be seen by other patrons.  That had been a week ago and now, evidently, it had arrived.

So here they were, sat on the floor with a device that would change their relationship, and his life, forever.  Nessa took the device out and held it in her slender fingers.  She twirled it around and smiled at him.  Matt blushed as his cock grew even more.  Nessa giggled at him.  She took the base ring out and looked through it into his eyes.

“Let’s get this on you before it’s too late…” She said, and winked at him.

She took the ring in one hand and his balls in the other.  One, then two, she pushed them inside.  Next was his cock, which was growing by the second at this point.  As soon as she touched it it throbbed.  Semi hard, but still pliable, she grabbed it firmly and pushed it through the ring until the head popped out, which she took hold of and pulled through purposefully.  Once through, she moved the ring so it was lined up, then placed her hands on his thighs and then leaned up and kissed him on the lips.  By this point he was fully erect.  His cock was stiff, upright and throbbing.  After all, it had been six weeks since his last orgasm and, although his mind was high on orgasm denial, his cock was desperate to release.

“Well, that’s no good.” Said Nessa, sternly, looking at his pulsating cock. And no, I’m not going to make you cum to make it soft…” She knew he was thinking that was an option, too.

Nessa shifted back a little bit, picked up a wine glass from the coffee table beside them and started to sip it.  “You need something to focus on that isn’t your dick.” She said, and she lifted her right foot up and pointed it in front of his face.

“With pleasure!” Matt beamed and took her bare foot in his hands and began to massage it, taking time to kiss her instep every now and again.  Ness took another sip of wine, then put the glass down and leaned back on her hands.  She gently stroked Matt’s face with her other foot as he massaged.  By the time he had finished massaging both, his cock was soft again.

“Now, let’s lock this on before it’s too late…” Said Ness when she noticed he was fully flaccid again.

She took the device and grasped his soft cock.  She placed it inside the cage and pushed the cage onto the back ring.  She was careful not to trap any skin and once it was fitted together, she took a padlock and slipped it through the hole in a pin that was attached to the back ring.  Nessa looked Matt deep in the eyes when suddenly, “Click!” she snapped the lock shut!  She took the key and attached it to a tiny key ring that was already attached to an anklet, and then gave it to Matt, who delicately placed it around her slender ankle.

Nessa then looked down at the device and adjusted it a little.  She pulled his balls through a little more and lined it up before taking it in both her hands and laughing.

“Now that cock really IS mine!” Nessa said as she giggled at him, teasing his balls with her fingers and holding the cage in her hand. “This isn’t just orgasm denial now, you know.  This is erection denial, masturbation denial… Heck, you can’t even see your cock unless I remove this hunk of solid steel from it!”

She placed a hand on his chest and could feel his heart racing.  “Who knows?” Nessa asked quizzically. “I may never let you see it ever again… I might blindfold you every time I unlock you.  What would that be like, I wonder? To never see your cock again…”  She smiled an evil smile at him.

Matt’s mouth began to shake a little and his eyes started to water.  “How do you feel, Matt?” Nessa asked, kindly.

“Overwhelmed!” said Matt, nervously, beginning to lose it.  “Content, comforted, relieved…” He was breathing heavily now. “I’ve wanted this for…for ages!”  HIs eyes were watering now.

Nessa wrapped both arms around him and hugged him tightly.  He held her firmly.  She kept him there for a minute or so before pushing him back slightly and kissing him again on the lips. “You don’t need to worry any more, Matt.” She said, looking at him and smiling. “No more struggling not to masturbate. No more worrying about that cock. I’ll take care of it, completely.  Leave everything to me.  You won’t be cumming for a very, very long time…”

With that, Nessa placed both hands on his pecs and pushed him to the floor before straddling him and kissing him passionately as she held pinned his hands down by the sides of his head, their fingers interlocking as their tongues twirled around each other.

“Thank you…” whispered Matt, genuinely as they kissed passionately, both excited.

“Come on.” Said Nessa, smiling. “Go fetch my strapon. I’ve been wanting to fuck you all evening!”
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