CBT Ball Crusher with Spikes

The CBT Ball Crusher with Spikes is a chrome plated BDSM device designed to inflict cock and ball pain to various degrees with the use of the adjustable spindle. The device has a row of five spikes which can be removed if desired. If I’m honest, I never use to think much of CBT items like this; they always just seemed very unimaginative. Sure, they’re sadistic and that appeals to my Dominant nature, but during a session it can be dull using a device that seems to only have one true goal which was to simply twist it down over the ball sack and or penis.

I was wrong about this and found that this device can be used in so many creative ways. Now, for some readers, the content of this review may be a bit extreme. Sure CBT devices make many cringe, however, I can assure you that I have taken this item steps further into sadism than some of you can even fathom.

Cock and ball torture device

Here are some notes on how to get creative with is sex toy:

  • Simply just place the body part between in the centre of the vice and twist down until the desire pain and pressure is applied.
  • Once secured down around a body part, wiggle it around to intensify sensations.
  • Tighten and loosen spikes with the Allen key whilst attached to relieve of inflict pain.
  • Set the spikes at various height levels before applying it.
  • Remove some or all spikes.
  • Turn the spikes around so the flatter end impacts into the submissive.
  • Remove the spikes, to offer less pressure but also making the submissive more aware of the cool waved still.
  • If you want to be even more sadistic, insert sterile medical needles into the spikes.
  • Turn the spikes around so they poke-out of the base of the item and use them as a sensation device by scratching and stroking your submissives body with them.
  • Heat the cool the metal before use, to mix-up the experience a bit.
  • You can even find alternative size and shape spikes to use with devices such as this one if desired.

CBT device with changeable spikes.


The ball crusher is made of heavy metal and is chrome plated. It comprises of a loop topped spindle which tightens the vice, the bottom of the crusher has a row of five spikes, and the press above that is controlled via the spindle is flat smooth cool metal. The spikes aren’t overly sharp, but to sensitive body parts they can inflict intense pain particularly as the crusher can clap completely down onto them. The spikes are removable with an Allen key which is provided. You can remove the spikes, switch them round, have alternative spikes, and more. It’s a rather customisable CBT device, yet still being very easy to use.


Sometimes when using this product I warm it in warm water beforehand as when cool it can make certain body parts it comes in contact with tighter and smaller, meaning there’s less to work with. It really depends on my mood.


With this device I was able to focus on using it on my submissive for an extensive time. I enjoyed his responses as I wriggled it around whilst clamped down, removed and or added spikes, and then eventually when his body became more accustom to the pain it produces I moved it further by adding needles. Whilst I did inflict a fair amount of extreme torture, because of the spindle and removable spikes it can be adjusted to suit submissives various pain levels.


These spikes rarely pierce the skin. But it still important to clean the device between uses, you can simply wipe down the chrome plated metal with antibacterial wash, the spikes have threading going down them which may need a toothbrush of similar to clean them if play becomes a bit messier.


Overall, I really enjoyed using the CBT Ball Crusher with Spikes. I was amazed how creative I could be with the device. While my submissive is in a love-hate relationship with CBT devices, he too was impressed with how imaginative the session could be with just one item. Wish this crusher I’d recommend it to most into CBT, it’s usable with or without a partner. The only issue some may find with it is the weight of the product.



Thank you to Meo for sending me this item for my review.


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