Casual Encounters on trains and at stations

Over the past few months I have been exploring causal encounters and the place I have found to be the most successful of places to find someone up for a quick release wasn’t in any of the pubs or clubs, but whilst travelling on trains and stopping briefly at train stations. Sure you hear many people having casual sex while out on the piss, but no matter how I try, I often find the ones who I approach or even approach me, are far too wasted to perform – in fact I’ve had better luck and more enjoyable times finding someone in the back stacks of a library.

There’s something about trains which make me incredibly horny. Maybe it’s the vibrations; maybe it’s being trapped in the same position for hours on end not being able to touch myself. As the train jolts along I often distract my mind and physical cravings by performing kegel exercises, and with the addition of the carriage rattling I am able to have a silent orgasm which teases my desires into wanting more. For particularly long journeys I slip a set of kegel balls inside my body and casually type away on my netbook innocently – it’s a fabulous way to work out your pelvic floor muscles.

However my arousal levels don’t seem to be the only factor which makes me more willing to have casual encounters on a train or at the station. It’s the other commuters which play a big factor too. If you think about it, what better place to meet someone, than meet those on a train which they use daily to travel to and from work? So many of us spend a vast amount of our time between work and sleep on trains, and have very little time to go out and actually socialise in different settings by the time we stumble through our front door, after a busy work day. The fact that many people now meet either through work or online it is no surprise. We just don’t have the allocated time to go out and find a play mate, lover, or even a forever partner.

So, for a moment, think about the amount of time you or many people spend on a train or at stations. Then consider how many cute and hot people you see during that time who you many never see again. In reality, you could’ve missed out on either a simply casual encounter or something which results in more.

I only had my first casual encounter on a train a few months back, and the man approached me, he was flirtatious, funny, and made me glow. He wasn’t cheesy in his chat-up lines, and he was honest and respectful. The flirtation period took about 15 minutes and I had become very relaxed, giggly, and daring. He then took my hand in a way in which someone about to propose would, and asked me the big question, ‘Would you like to go somewhere with me and have a quick shag?’, I nodded and smiled, and my eyes lit-up as he lead me away from my seat. We were on the station and headed to the end of the platform with speed, but a couple had coupled up together already, but doing far more innocent acts. Rushing and weaving between those waiting for their next train, we passed the police office and rattled the handle in hope it’d open, but still no luck.

Then I was presented with the choice of three doors. The middle door was locked, and I was left with either the men’s toilets or women’s toilets. I weaved my new found lover to the left and walked into the women’s loo. There was a woman doing her make-up in the room, my male friend now taking charge, made-up some unbelievable excuse as the woman glared back at us through the mirror, and we entered the end cubical, and shut the door behind us.

Grabbing a condom out of my, I slipped it over his already hard cock, and bent towards the wall as he entered me. My body felt fulfilled, as it had been craving something as spontaneous as this all day. He started off slowly and then began to rapidly speed up. I tried to stead my body by gripping onto the slick tiles and lent my head against the wall as I gasped and moaned. The moment felt like it lasted for ever, but was over quickly, and he cleaned himself up before leaving me to sort myself out. Before leaving the toilets he echoed to me that I should see him again once I have cleaned up. The door closed behind him and I was left in a state of satisfied bliss. I smoothed my clothing out and strode out of the toilets, and walked towards him and kissed him on the station romantically, and as my lips parted his, the trained warden beckoned that my train was about to depart.

As I stepped onto the train I gave him a farewell smile, and twirled my back to him, knowing that we would never see each other again.

Since that encounter on the station I have experienced and innate many similar encounters whilst on my travels. Combining some of the tricks I learned from that guy, but also using some of my own personal flirting tricks too.

The key to these encounters is to start with flirtatious eye contact which can be performed from seats away. You don’t have to perform a staring contest, as in reality, this will only work as a way to creep someone out. Use a combination of playful and slow blinks, and related and having fun squints. If you are at a chair or table with a spare seat, clear away any objects from the area in a relaxed manner, and try and keep up eye contact with your desired. If you move to sit near you, try and aim for a mixture of everyday conversation with some flirtation. If they still seem interested move your hand towards theirs, and slowly make it more clear about your intentions. Nod towards the easiest toilet or closed room where you can perform with some privacy. A playful grin and even a soft giggle helps here to show how relaxed you are and often works as a way of relaxing your new and causal lover too.

Before initiating a causal encounter on the train, remember whether or not you have condoms with you, take note that some stations will have condom vending machines but not all.

Be aware that having sex on a moving train is difficult. To save embarrassment, next time you are on a moving train pop to the loo and experiment a little bit about the positions which may work best for you.

Not all train toilets are very pleasant, so keep this in mind, if searching with your encounter for one which is better, remember to head closer to first class, or the quiet coach – these often seem to be in better condition.

Try not to force yourself onto anyone, some people one trains are content enough with playful flirting to pass the time.

Remember that you are sleeping with a stranger so play it safe. Ask for an exchange of numbers, as often this works will as a test method on how serious they are and respectful of you they are. Text their number or prank it straight away.

Always leave the toilets separately to remove suspicion. While I’m yet to be caught out during these experiences it could still happen.

It is amazing how many casual encounters I have had on trains and at stations now, and they have all been very fun. I have also have had many other successful encounters which haven’t resulted in sex right there and now, but have ended with me getting a nice date.

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