Bubbles by Chavez Dezignz

Sex toyr review for the Bubbles by Chavez Dezignz written by Ness

Bubbles by Chavez Dezignz is a relatively firm, curved silicone dildo, comprising of beads positioned one on top of another. There is no stem or cord between them as such, but the toy offers some flexibility between each ball. The graduating beads work well for both vaginal and anal insertion, thanks to the toy’s flared base. The base also features a cavity suitable for sliding a bullet vibrator into. Chavez Dezignz specialises in handmade silicone dildos, which are available in an array of colours, and even with custom-build options, from glittery silicone, to artfully set images or text of your choice – the possibilities are endless.
bumby dildo
The toy arrives in a simple plastic gift bag with a ribbon tied around it; you can easily reuse this bag to store your product in. The product is made from a relatively firm silicone with a slight plushiness. The silicone is flexible between each beaded section, but not floppy like traditional anal beads. The probe consists of five bubble-shaped spheres, stacked on top of each other. The bubble shaft curves to one side, meaning that it should be more natural to insert compared to a straight-shaft anal toy. The toy is 7 inches in length with approximately 6.5 inches of insertable shaft. From tip to base the bubbles are 3.75, 4.25, 4.5, 4.8, and 4.5 inches in girth. The base of the toy is flared with a flat disc just less than 2 inches in diameter; this disc makes it suitable for use with certain O-ring harness systems. The underside of this disc contains a hole which can accommodate a standard size bullet’s width, but it isn’t deep enough to swallow most bullets, meaning they will stick out slightly. There is a slight manufacturing seam found on the silicone, but it doesn’t cause any irritation. The silicone’s surface is smooth and causes very little drag, although hair and lint will stick to it.
When using the Bubbles vaginally I needed a small amount of additional lubrication. I didn’t require much foreplay as I was able to slowly insert the graduating balls, and my body adjusted to each individual girth. When using the toy with the shaft curving towards the front of my vaginal walls and stomach, the tip of the first bubble managed to stimulate my G-spot. I was only able to insert the first three balls when used this way, and found a thrusting motion worked best. This, however, didn’t produce the intense G-spot stimulation I desired. The tip of the first bubble probed and prodded my G-spot slightly uncomfortably, and didn’t offer enough pressure or surface area to induce a penetrative climax.
When using the toy vaginally with the curve facing towards my back, I was able to insert more of the toy, popping the beads gratifyingly in and out of my vaginal orifice. The shape of the toy felt more natural used this way, and each bubble curved and rippled over my G-spot in a much more satisfying manner than previously. The toy felt filling as the balls popped in and out, offering a sensational experience. The product still didn’t make me experience a G-spot orgasm, but the textures and sensations worked as excellent foreplay. I feel it’s one of those toys that when used correctly vaginally, I can appreciate it without having the need to produce an orgasm. 
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When using the product for anal penetration, I found my body needed an ample amount of water-based lubrication and a fair amount of foreplay before popping the first bubble inside my anal canal. Due to the lack of spacing between the first and second bubble, I found inserting the toy slightly uncomfortable, as my sphincters weren’t able to clench and relax around the toy’s shaft before moving onto the next level. My pelvic floor muscles controlled which way the shaft sat within my anal canal, naturally twisting the toy as I inserted it, until it sat comfortably. The last 3 bubbles required the application of more lubricant before insertion. After taking my time inserting all the bubbles, the toy rested comfortably inside me, offering a filling sensation. The disc base isn’t the most comfortable for long-term wear while moving around, but it rested between my buttocks nicely during less adventurous play and intercourse. Once the toy was fully inserted anally, I found that the flared base did not interfere with double penetration, and it only just overlapped the vaginal orifice. When being penetrated vaginally, with the toy inserted anally, I could feel the bubbles stimulate my anal canal and undulate against the back of my vaginal walls. The toy wasn’t able to stay in position during vaginal and clitoral climax. The lack of a stem between the final bubble and flared base meant my sphincters weren’t able to clench and anchor the toy. I found the toy worked best as a probe, popping the bubbles in and out – you will probably need to top-up on lubrication regularly when using the toy like this, as well as making certain your body is relaxed and adjusted to the shaft.
At the base of the toy you will find a hole suitable for inserting a bullet. The RO-80mm by Rocks Off works well due to its tapered tip. I haven’t found a bullet that’ll sit flush against the base yet. When using a bullet, I found that the vibrations travelled through the silicone shaft very well.
The Bubbles is very easy to clean, due to it being made out of smooth hypoallergenic silicone, which can be sterilised. Just wash the product under warm water with your standard antibacterial wash, boil it or, if available, whack it into the top shelf of your dishwasher.
Overall I like the Bubbles as a universal textured dildo. Used vaginally, I found the sensations it produced to be very intense, although not orgasm inducing. I found that the toy wasn’t the best G-spot stimulator, but its shaft was great for a more broad form of stimulation. The toy works well as an anal probe, but if you are looking for a set of anal beads to wear for prolonged periods of time, without the fear of them popping out, sadly the Bubbles isn’t the right shape. However, when used anally it feels filling, and helps heighten your awareness to other stimulation. I also like how well vibrations travel throughout the silicone – all you need to do is grab a bullet, and pop it in.
Thank you to Chavez Dezignz for sending me the Bubbles to review.

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