Boosty by Fun Factory

The Fun Factory Boosty is a silicone anal plug, with the insertable portion made up of asymmetrical balls stacked on top of one another. The shape is meant to follow the natural contours of the anal canal better than a standard curved shaft, meaning it should lead to greater stimulation as well as comfort during insertion. The curved shaft and the surface area of the final ball also means that this product should produce satisfying prostate pleasure for male wearers.


The Boosty arrives in a cardboard box with an outer sleeve. The outer sleeve features an image of the product, and text that consists of basic marketing and product information. Inside the main box the anal plug is held in place by a cardboard rest. The box contains a small sachet of Fun Factory lubricant, as well as a small leaflet about basic product care.


The Boosty is made from 100% silicone which provides mild drag when rubbed against dry skin. The product has a manufacturing seam running around its body which causes very little irritation. The plug’s angled shaft consists of three buldges stacked on top of one another, leading from a narrow stem. The maximum insertable circumference is 4.5 inches. The total insertable length is 4 inches, with the stem being just over an inch in length – this should mean that the first gradually expanding bulge sits nicely above the pelvic floor muscles during use. Engraved into the stem is the Fun Factory logo. The base of the product is in the form of a T-bar, meaning that once the product is inserted the flare should rest nicely between the buttocks. As the external portion is flexible, it shouldn’t cause any discomfort to the wearer, unlike with the base on some butt plugs, where the material is rigid.


When using the Boosty I required some foreplay and a lot of waterbased lubrication during insertion. When first trying the Boosty I used it with its angled shaft learning towards the front of my body. As the first ball entered my body, the sensation it produced was on par with inserting anal beads. When inserting the following bulge the gradual increase in girth was pleasurable. It did not offer the same experience one receives when using anal beads. As I inserted the next bulge, my pelvic floor muscles naturally positioned the product’s body in my rectum. The flared base sat nicely against my body and kept the internal shaft in place and motionless during wear, even when walking and jumping around with the toy inserted. I found when using the Boosty, with its tip putting pressure onto the anterior of my rectum, that the sensations it caused were some of the most intense I’d ever experienced with an anal toy. The pressure the toy forced onto the wall meant that while I was experiencing a good amount of pleasure, I just found the toy far too intense, and therefore uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods of use. When using the toy in this position, vaginal penetration was a no-go zone for me. While the pressure was too much for me, I feel it may work excellently for someone who enjoys firmer internal anal stimulation, and would possibly result in excellent prostate pleasure.

When using the product with its tip facing towards my back, I found its shaft produced less noticeable stimulation when each graduated bulge slipped inside my body. Insertion this way round was easier, and once in position the plug felt more comfortable that when used the opposite way. While using the toy this way was more to my body’s liking, the pleasure factor, wasn’t anything special compared to when using various other butt plugs. As the anterior of my rectum wasn’t receiving the intense pleasure like before, I was able to happily experiment with the plug inserted while using another sex toy vaginally. When climaxing vaginally, the plug stayed in position and didn’t pop out during orgasm.


To clean the Fun Factory Boosty, you can sterilise it, place it into your dishwasher, or even simply wash it by hand with warm water and your standard antibacterial wash. You may need to pay a little more attention to where the logo is engraved, as well as the grooves between each ball, as dirt can reside in these areas.


The Boosty is a good product. I’m just unsure if I enjoy using it in its intended way, with the angle facing forward. While I thought I’d never say this, this toy has taught me that there is such a thing as feeling too much pleasure, making the pleasurable stimulation only a hairsbreadth from painful. However, I feel that this may be just my body’s personal response, and that some people will really enjoy using the toy this way. When used in reverse it is a good plug, and I’m certain that I will use this product that way rather frequently.


Thank you to Nice ‘n’ Naughty for sending me this toy for my review. You can find out more about this butt plug here.

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