Book Review: The Juliette Society by Sasha Grey

Popular porn star Sasha Grey, has ventured into the realms of writing erotic fiction. Her first book is called ‘The Juliette Society’ about a young girl who finds herself Image from Amazonexploring a sexual arena dedicated to the sexual fantasies and fulfilment of the rich and powerful.  

Unfortunately, while I admire Sasha Grey’s acting career, as well as the sex toys she has help to produce, I didn’t enjoy this book. I feel the book could’ve done with better editing. At times Sash’s writing style changes dramatically, making the story confusing to read, particularly when she alters the context and tenses of the current scene. A few times within the book Sash rapidly alters from first person into third person, disturbing the flow of the story, and making it harder to relate and get a feel about the main character.

The main character goes off into fantasies and day dreams far too often, which finish abruptly with little fulfilment or stimulation to them, before bursting back into the main story.

The sexual scenes are a little rushed for my taste, particularly when reading an erotic novel of this size. However, it is clear that Sasha has used her personal experiences to help make the sex scenes highly erotic in places. The book mentions a large amount of sex toys, from rabbits to drilldos (Drill powered dildos), but I felt that the descriptions for these were a little rushed at times.

The book does reference popular culture and the use of social networking, making it slightly more believable. The main problem I had about the book though, was that there was far too much filler within it, making it hard to follow the main story and characters. I feel that the book could’ve either been a lot shorter or Sasha could’ve developed the filler further to fit more smoothly and interestingly into the story.

Overall, I personally didn’t enjoy this book as I feel it could’ve had better editing and a little more work done to it. There are a few parts within the book which are interesting and written more excitingly than in some similar erotic books, I’m still unsure if I’d recommend it to anyone. On another note, the cover is lovely, and I’m also still chuffed that Sasha has decided to explore the world of writing, and maybe her next book will be better.

I purchased my copy of this book from Amazon here.

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