Book Review: Smokin’ Hot Firemen

From Cleis Press

Firemen are hot on women’s fantasies, and the collection of stories within ‘Smokin’ hot firemen’, will turn the heat up of desire and more. From returning home to loving partners, to saving girls from brazing fires and cindered relationships, to even co-worker romances. The book of erotic shorts has been edited by Delilah Devlin and the forward was written by Jo Davis, who are both well equipped in smoking out the top firemen stories.

Many of the stories within the book contain believable character, romances, sex scenes, and scenarios. There’s the odd one or two which I found hard to get into, but the on the whole book has been put together well, so that you’re able to pick the tales you personally find favourable.

At times you are able to get a real sense of the atmosphere, from the firemen’s stations to the crumbling buildings they heroically venture into. The male characters are often well describe, making it easy for you to form mental images of them, and help fuel your personal fantasies too.

Within The book there is the odd sub and Dom scene, slow and sensually drawn-out moments, and passionate and fast sex scenes.

While firemen are personally not one of my fantasies in life, I still found many of the stories enjoyable and stimulating. I felt that a few of the conversations between characters within the book were a tad unbelievable, or didn’t really fit with the description rescue scenes, but that could mostly be my personal taste kicking-in.

The introduction and forward within the book, were both enjoyable to read, and helped my mind think of firemen in a different light. I feel that even if you’ve not overly hot for firemen that the book is worth a read.

The front cover is a sweet choice, consisting of a charming fireman and cute little kitty, making it discreet when compared to some erotic books.

Overall the book is a good collection and has some alarmingly erotic and realistic moments.

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Thank you to Cleis Press for sending me a copy of the book. You can find out more here.

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