Book Review: Dancing the Edge to Surrender

Book Review of ‘Dancing the Edge to Surrender’ by Lori Beth Bisbeybook cover

Lori Beth Bisbey’s book ‘Dancing the Edge to Surrender‘, is an erotic memior filled with erotic short stories and how the encounters shaped Bisbey. She explains her experiences of trauma, sexual awakenings, exploration of non-monogamy, kink, and more.

I remember the confusion I was left with on multiple times where abuse has happened to me. At times I wrote about these occurrences, expressing in creative formats to come to terms with it. Yet, echoed throughout each incident, was many saying “nobody wants to read about that”. There’s something about Bisbey’s book that is much needed, as someone who has experienced events that led to trauma, and still witness many within certain sex positive circles being subject to traumatic events and relationships, I want to say the following, “I want to read about it”. I can guarantee that I am not the only one to say this, and I won’t be the last.

True honest accounts of the confusion that stems from abuse are rare to find. They are often censored, and whilst yes, trigger warnings are needed, censorship of abuse and even taboo sexual experience doesn’t help anyone. In the book Dancing the Edge, Bisbey walks us through her sexual and erotic awakening. Within short passages she reveals erotic accounts that had happened throughout her life that had led to her being who she is and accepting her sexuality.

Bisbey’s retellings aren’t always of happy accounts, and she addresses traumatic situations she had to fight through. However, rather than responding with “It was horrid, we shouldn’t talk about it”, she explores the areas that many who suffer trauma encounter and told they shouldn’t speak up Bisbey speaks out. There’s everything addressed here, from confusing to finding one’s own accounts of abuse uncomfortably arousing, the fear of victim blaming, to even imposter syndrome from the fear of not being an abuse victim when in fact she is a victim.

She talks about experiences with gaslighting throughout, which Bisbey’s honesty, makes it clear that many of us experience it more than we would like to admit. We need more of this honesty in our lives.

The book ‘Dancing the Edge to Surrender’, goes into deep erotic detail that many erotic retellings would avoid. Lori Beth Bisbey, doesn’t water down her erotic encounters like some books. Each erotic short cover experiences of extreme BDSM play from private play to public play events and parties. You learn of her encounters of exploring slave and Master dynamic relationships and opening up her play to non-monogamous connections. There are challenges between her parents and her sexual openness, as well as conflicts with her religious upbringing and then her chosen spiritualism.

Over the span of Bisbey’s life she eventually found her authentic self and formed a network of relationships that accept her for who she truly is.

What will you get from reading this book:

  • An insight into BDSM power exchange.
  • A true account of Trauma and recovery.
  • Undiluted erotica detailing extreme kink practices.
  • Marriage in monogamy to non-monogamous relationships.
  • Info on how events influenced other encounters and key learning points.
  • A look into BDSM parties and events.
  • A link between spirituality and kink.
  • Navigating consent and when things can seem consensual but aren’t.

Dancing the Edge to Surrender, is a very different erotic autobiography that covers so much more than many published before. It fills the gaps that erotic memoirs has previously missed and helps fill in the blanks that other stories leave unanswered.


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