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The Bon4 Plus is a silicone chastity cage with various sized attachments designed so you are able to find the perfect-fitting device within one kit. With two different sized cages for the penis and four different sized rings to lock the cage in place around the scrotum, this set seemed perfect for me as a good way to get a cage that should suit most of my submissives. However, I’ve had this cage set for such a long time now; I’m yet to actually find the Cinderella sissy to which it will fit correctly.

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You can find more images of the product here (currently my set is packed away awaiting for the day I move my dungeon to its new home).

The Bon4 Plus arrives in a velvet drawstring bag with “Bon4 Plus” embroidered into it. Inside you will find two cages, four rings, two silicone straps, two nylon locking pins, ten tamper-proof plastic locks with unique codes printed onto them, two metal padlocks with two keys each. The two cages provided are different sizes, one being regular and offers a total of 6.5 cm internal length and 3.2 inches width, the other is large in size offering a total of 8.8 cm length for the penis shaft to rest in and 3.5 cm width. At the tip of each cage you will find multiple holes, so the wearer can urinate whilst the device is fitted without having to fiddle around to remove it each time they need the toilet. Towards the tip of the device, each cage widens and appears similar in shape to the bellend of a penis, obviously designed to allocate the penis’s head comfortably during wear. The Underside of each cage has an attached silicone bar which fixes onto the scrotum ring, this helps the device keep some shape and is designed to help keep the item on the wearer. You receive four different sized rings to fit over the ball sack and attach to the desired cage when fitted. The silicone strap and plastic pin helps lock the ring and cage together, and allows you to also thread a padlock through the pin for extra security. The ring and cages are made from very flexible silicone which can cause drag when rubbed against dry skin – when fitting you may want to apply a small amount of water-base lubricant to the inside of the cage to make it easier to slip on.

The one I received was made out of the black-tinted silicone, which when worn by a submissive looked rather appealing. The clear silicone reminds me a lot of the glass slipped from Cinderella, in a strange kinky way.


After trying to fit various penises into the silicone cage (from big, small, hairy, smooth, cosmetically altered balls and shaft, foreskin, circumcised, etc), I have finally given up on this set and have decided that personally that it’s not a great cage for chastity. Even when the cage has been fitted for short periods of time, I found that not only did it take ages fitting the device to the submissive, but also that they’d either slip-out too easily, or the cage would twist funnily and then come off, or the cage would rub and their erection would pop the device off. Due to the flexibility of the silicone the device sadly wasn’t suited for short Domination sessions and even though I have tried to use the device on long term chastity submissives, it sadly wouldn’t stay on long enough to be successful. Also as the silicone is so soft and pliable the submissives were able to be stimulated easily through the cage, offering far too many rewarding sensations, which defeats the point of being caged. I was hopeful the set would be a nice addition to my dungeon equipment, particularly with the ability to be able to view the locked penis through the material, giving the submissive a reminder that they ‘can see, but can’t touch’ during tease and denial, but with the lack of the ability to even stay on for short periods I wasn’t even able to use it as a prop in scenes like this.

I have used other much cheaper silicone cages during short sessions, and have been able to attach a lead onto them and tug my submissive around the dungeon. I think this is due to these devices using less squishy silicone, so the devices stay locked in place a lot better when compared to the Bon4.


The Bon4 can become very dirty rather quickly and pubic hair and skin fragments can stick to the silicone easily with the combination of human sweat. Generally this is a task I now leave to the submissive as it can be a bit messy. But to clean the device, simply disconnect the cage from the ring and wash the pieces in warm water and antibacterial wash. Once the item is clean, allow it to dry, and either place back onto the submissive or put it away in the drawstring pouch provided.


Overall, I’m still trying to find my Cinderella for this device. I’m not sure I can really recommend it, as in reality it should be a great buy for anyone new to chastity that’s unsure about what size cage they really need, yet I’m still to find someone it actually works on. Bon4 do offer metal cages, which I feel may be more successful than these silicone ones as they’d keep their shape more making then securer. The device has been a big letdown, and it’s been frustrating over the last year trying to find someone it’ll work on. It’s gotten to the stage where I have given up trying to look for someone it’d work with and it has become a visual prop within my dungeon rather than function play item.



Thank you to UberKinky for sending me this item for my review. You can find-out more here.


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