Blowing Raspberries- Blue Raspberry Flavoured Sliquid Swirl

Sex Toy Review of the Blue Raspberry Flavoured Sliquid Swirl written by Ness

I recently purchased the blue raspberry flavoured lubricant from the Sliquid Swirl range. When purchasing this I did wonder whether the lubricant was actual blue raspberry flavour or a mixture of blueberries and raspberries; it doesn’t seem to say within the product description. When the product arrived I was so excited to try this flavour I forgot to read the ingredients and decided to perform a taste test. Straight away I could distinguish the taste of blueberries with a hint of fresh raspberries; this had answered my question and once the ingredients were checked it confirmed that this lubricant is a mixture of blueberry and raspberry flavours. This lubricant already seemed great, in the past a simple taste test of a lube could end with it being thrown into the bin.
Sliquid Lubricant
I later decided to introduce the lubricant to my partner. When travelling to my partners the lubricant didn’t leak even though the protective foil seal had been removed. I felt that it was only fair to let my partner try the lubricant before using it during oral stimulation, everyone’s tastes buds are different and even though I thought the lubricant tasted great it didn’t mean he would enjoy it. Lucky my partner enjoyed the flavour of the lubricant; he reminisced about the blue panda pop drink. To me the lubricant tastes similar to blueberry Ribena. It has a more natural fruit flavour than other lubricants; the blueberry taste left a slight dryness on my palette similar to when one eats a punnet of blueberries.
During oral sex both I and my partner had different experiences. When my partner applied the lubricant to my genitals he found it blended well with my natural moistures. He also found that only a small amount was needed and that only after a good 20mintues did the fruitiness dissipated leaving him with a satisfyingly soft sweet taste. When applied to my partner during fellatio I found that I needed to use more than he had used on my body. This might be because the penis doesn’t really have the same natural moistures my body has to blend with the lubricant. I was still able to enjoy the flavour of the lubricant without it being too overpowering and taking away the flavours of my partners flesh.
Even though the lubricant is thinner in consistency than other lubricants it is the right slipperiness for oral sex. If you prefer your lubricants to be of thicker consistency Sliquid swirl not only blends perfectly into natural moistures, but other lubricants too.  The lubricant is absorbed into the skin gently and didn’t leave any form of tackiness. Also unlike some other lubricants Swirl didn’t leave a rash or upset my ph balance. Swirl left only a slight mark on fabrics and was easy to clean off.
Scent wise this lubricant smells perfect. It isn’t too over powering like others and it isn’t the same as some flavoured lubricants that are ‘all scent and no taste’.  The blue raspberry flavour smells fresh and delicious just enough for you to appreciate it before your lips touch your partner.
Not only am I delighted about my experiences with the blue raspberry flavoured Sliquid Swirl, I was also pleased to find a diabetic , skin safe, and vegetarian friendly lubricant. I also was pleased that all this information was easily available without me having to do long winded searches or contacting customer services. Sliquid provided all the information I needed before hand, this product is vegan friendly, sugar free, and paraben free. I applaud Sliquid for managing to make this ultra friendly lubricant. The aspartame content is also very small compared to other lubricants that over compensate with sweetener; furthermore it is only slightly noticeable within the taste.
Overall, this lubricant is perfect. Don’t be put off by the price it will last a lot longer than those sugary tacky alternatives. Blue raspberry Swirl is truly a scrumptious tasting lubricant.

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