I was recently sent a Bibido box, which is a box filled with a random assortment of sexual treats. It contains an information pamphlet on optimising your fun with the selection of goodies provided, as well as an erotic short story, aimed at getting you in the mood for play while also providing tips on how to use the products with a lover. Bibido is a monthly subscription service which you can cancel at any time. The first package provides an introduction to sensual play, and as the months advance so does the level of excitement and intimate nature of the products. It’s a great way for couples to explore sexually, perhaps trying things that they may not have thought of before. Also, the handy tips and erotica mean that you don’t have to put any effort into planning your evening escapade, as there’s a plan laid out for you, adding a curious frisson at the planned spontaneity, often missing in our busy modern lives.
I was rather excited about receiving my box, pondering what it would entail and the adventures it would lead to. Normally my sex toy shopping is strictly planned; I know what I what, where to buy it, and my intention for the product once it arrives. With the Bibido box, all I had to do was sit and wait, and be surprised – hopefully pleasantly. Whilst waiting for the box to arrive, I started to doubt whether or not the products within the box would be to my taste. In the past I’ve been let down by some lucky-dip style sex toy selections. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long as the box arrived the next day, and I soon cleared a space on my table and got the ceremonial scissors at the ready.
Inside the innocuous brown box I found a large black gift box, which I will be reusing for storage, as it’s very versatile. I untied the ribbon-fastening and lifted up the magnet-latched lid. Inside the box you will find your gift wrapped up in tissue paper. A black ribbon has been draped around the tissue paper, holding two cards in place. As you unfurl the ribbon it gracefully slides away from the parcel, smoothly caressing your fingers. Putting the cards to one side, as I didn’t want to ruin my surprise, I opened up the tissue paper – in a not so elegant manner. Nestled amongst black crinkled confetti you will find your gifts. I’m not going to go into detail about the gifts you’ll receive, as I wouldn’t want to spoil your surprise. All the gifts provided were easily worth the value of the gift box. It was fun reading through the tips and tricks, which are carefully designed so that as you work through them with a partner, you become more relaxed, confident, and daring. The erotic story was also enjoyable to read; I’d recommend one of you reading it to the other to make the experience more fun.
I really liked my Bibido box, and using the products with a lover. There’s been a lot of time and effort devoted to each parcel, and I think they are a perfect way for a couple to explore together. I also feel that they’d make lovely gifts which you could get sent directly to a lover each month, via the monthly subscription service. When you subscribe, not only can you opt out of the service at any point, but you can also save money by signing up for months in advance. If you’re interested in the Bibido service,you can use the following code to get your first gift box free when you subscribe*:  TEASE
 Check out Bibido here.
* Even after subscription you can cancel anytime.

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