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With the winter cold snaps finally falling behind us, the warmer weather and springtime scents in the air can make us desire a fresh start. Maybe you feel that as the seasons alter, you need a change in your sex toy collection. But how do you dispose of your unwanted items and clear out ready for the next installment? Sweep out those dustbunny vibes and prepare room for your new loves and curiosities.



Spring cleaning isn’t always at the top of our to-do-list, and sometimes the process of getting down to it can be tricky. Sure, throwing a product into the garbage can be quick and easy after the actual decision itself, but then we may panic and worry about our trash becoming local gossip. Also, disposal of sex toys may landfill your mind with concerns about how to do it correctly – did you know that sex toys are often found in charity shops and local recycling centres, potentially losing these companies business from upset customers or an inability to process materials correctly.


There are several responsible ways to dispose of your unwanted sex toys.


Perhaps the easiest method in the UK is to use the Rabbit Amnesty. The Rabbit Amnesty is a program run by Lovehoney. You simply clean your unwanted products, post them on their way, and by doing this you gain Lovehoney Oh! points. These points can go towards buying a new toy from their selected Oh! Point range. Not only do they take sex toys, but they also accept other electronics, such as keyboards, phones, and more. Last year they received over 3,500 parcels for the Rabbit Amnesty. I feel this is one of the best recycling schemes available, as you don’t have to be shy when disposing of your past products, and you even get a point reward as an incentive.


I did chat with DEFRA and a few local councils, and their electronic recycling facilities do accept sex toys, and should keep confidentiality. So if you’re brave enough to visit your local facility, and want quick disposal of your lint covered silicone buzzers, then this option is there for you.

As these companies only accept WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), it can become a little more complex when disposing of other sex toys. But there are still ways to dispose of these items, and stay eco-friendly.


Thanks to Hella Walkington I have learned that latex can be disposed of on your compost heap. It will biodegrade, and eventually will help some beautiful flower to flourish. Great news for the gardeners amongst us.



If you have a metal sex toy there are a couple of possible options. If it is made from precious metals such as gold or silver you can take it to your local jeweler. They should be willing to pay you the current exchange rate for these metals. Other metals could be taken to a scrap metal dealer, although you may need a large amount to make it really worth your while.


There’s a lot of incorrect information out there when it comes to disposing of sex products, and the disposal of borosilicate glass is one of the worst culprits. There are a quite a few people who place these items into bottle banks. This is wrong. While you may think it would melt down correctly, it won’t mix properly with standard glass. This means that as soon as your favourite glass toy (or even glass oven dish) meets an untimely demise, rather than going onto greener pastures with the rest of the glass, it instead drags all the other glass down to eco-hell.

There isn’t really an eco-friendly solution to disposing of glass, however if one of your toys does break, there’s the option of using the pieces in a creative manner.

Like glass, ceramic can be difficult to dispose of in the UK. While there are some companies in the UK who will process ceramic items, these are often large kitchen and bathroom units. Ceramic mostly gets turned into gravel. So if any of your ceramic toys breaks into pieces, why not use them to decorate a flower pot, which will also help protect your plant from certain garden pests.


When recycling sex toys, it’s always important to remove any batteries, and dispose of these separately. Many local councils will offer kerbside collection services, and where these aren’t in place yet, there are various collection points dotted about the place. Many sex stores, supermarkets, and other shops will have a battery disposal bin you can use.


Another sex toy recycling myth is that all recycled toys get turned back into other sex toys. Although some of the electronic components could conceivably be used in other toys, they could also end up in a plethora of other consumer electronics, and as for sex toys being recycled into new and complete pleasure objects, this just isn’t the case. Also, you should never receive a secondhand toy when buying from a respectable store, even if they have their own recycling program.


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