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The Anniix is a silicone dildo, with a hollow chamber at the base for the insertion of two fingers. This design is meant to provide a more natural grip, making the toy more comfortable to use compared to most standard dildos. I often experience problems when gripping dildos, as a lot are designed to be harness compatible, meaning that the large and heavy base causes my arm to tire quickly. With the Anniix, I was hoping I wouldn’t experience these problems, and that using the dildo would feel more natural.

The Anniix arrives in a compact black box, with the product name and logo printed on it. The box is very practical; the toy fits perfectly inside it, without using any additional space or packaging – I feel more companies should use this approach to packaging. Inside the box, you will also find a set of instructions on how to use and care for the Anniix dildo.

The Anniix is a lot larger than I expected, being 10.5 inches in length with 7.5 inches of insertable shaft. The first 3.5 inches of the toy are made up of firm silicone, and the rest of the shaft is a hollow silicone shell, with two 4 inch long chambers for inserting fingers into. The chamber is rather long for me. More of a problem with it is that while being designed for two fingers, I’m able to comfortably insert three. This means I have a rather loose grip on it. The chamber area is made from smooth glossy silicone. The shaft has a slight curve to it. The toy’s girth is pretty big, being almost 6 inches in circumference. The tip of the toy is slightly tapered, and has six teardrop-like bumps on its top; these bumps are fairly pronounced compared to textures found on most toys. The head of the toy is 2 inches in length, below it there is a groove running round its shaft. Further down the topside of the shaft you will find two gentle ridges. On the underside of the toy, roughly halfway down, there are four prominent ridges – during use I found these rarely get inserted.

When using the Anniix you will almost certainly need some foreplay and the use of additional lubricant prior to insertion, as the outer surface is made from a matte silicone. The matte silicone seems to have a drying effect, so make sure you have your lubricant handy while using the toy too. During insertion, even after foreplay and lubrication, I experienced some difficulties with the Anniix. At first I was only able to insert about an inch of the toy into my vagina, as my body adjusted to the size. The teardrop-like bumps grated away at my vaginal opening. This sensation passed as the toy was inserted deeper into my vagina. As the toy went deeper in, the head curved onto my G-spot. The teardrop-like bumps no longer caused discomfort, and were reasonably pleasurable when rubbed against my G-spot.  Once my body had adjusted to the toy more, I was able to comfortably use the finger chambers when thrusting with the toy. However, I feel the finger chambers are slightly too large, which occasionally caused some problems when controlling the toy. The majority of the time I was only able to insert 4 – 4.5 inches of the shaft, but this is just right for hitting my G-spot. When inserting just over 4 inches of the shaft, I was able to feel the raised ribs on the underside of the toy rub round the vaginal entrance. On the few occasions these ribs were inserted into my vagina, I found they caused more discomfort than pleasure. Once I had gotten into the motion of using the finger chambers to control my thrusting, I was able to quickly reach orgasm. The orgasm produced wasn’t as strong as I might get from other toys, but this is probably due to how much discomfort I felt from the various textures. I feel that if the Anniix was slightly smaller in girth, then maybe I would have been able to appreciate the textures more, without them causing so much discomfort. The sheer girth of the toy forces the textures into my vaginal walls. When removing the toy I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t experience any problems.

Cleaning the Anniix is a little bit more difficult than some dildos, due to the internal finger chambers. The chambers are difficult to clean inside and will need to be aired to dry. You may find that you will have to pay a little bit of additional attention when cleaning the teardrop-like bumps, as these seem to trap dirt around them. Use either your standard antibacterial wash, bleach solution, boil, or sterilize to clean the silicone. Allow it to air dry before putting it away – the silicone easily becomes dirty when left out.

Overall, I like the idea behind the Anniix, and the finger chambers do make the toy more comfortable to use than a lot of dildos, but I feel that the girth and textures need to be a little less. Normally I’m all for girth and textures, and rarely experience any problems, but with the Anniix I feel the combination work against the toy, making it uncomfortable to use at times. I also feel that the finger chambers are slightly too large. If these chambers were slightly smaller I would have been able to gain better control over the toy. I do have small hands though, but be aware that if your hands are particularly small or large, using the Anniix may prove problematic. The Anniix is still pleasurable to use and does cause me to climax, but I just wish the experience was a little more comfortable.

Thank you to for sending me the Anniix Dildo, you can purchase it here.

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