Ann Summers Fusion Remote Control Panty Vibe

Sex toy review for the Ann Summers Fusion Panty Vibe by Ness


The Ann Summers Fusion Remote Control Panty Vibe, is a bullet vibrator with a contoured silicone sleeve designed to rest against the vulva. The vibrator can be controlled with a press button on the bullet or you can hand your partner the supplied remote and let them join in with the fun and control the sensations you receive. I was oddly excited to try a panty vibrator, as it has been such a long time since I have had the opportunity to try one. If I’m honest, whilst they were a big fad about 8 years ago, many adult store providers stopped stocking them, so it was a nice surprise to see them resurface back into the mainstream. I was particularly excited to see whether or not they had improved.


The Ann Summers Fusion range comes packaged in stylish marble printed boxes and has clear information about the items within and their possible uses. When opening the Panty Vibe, I was hit immediately with that new car smell, this took a few weeks to fade and probably the sealed box had trapped the smell of the factory where it was created. The toy arrives with a charging cable, remote, silicone sleeve, and a bullet vibrator. The silicone sleeve is smooth without any manufacturing grooves, meaning it shouldn’t cause any aggravation against the body. It’s leaf like shape is fairly plushy and where it forms the tip of the “leaf”, the material offers a good amount of flexibility meaning it can fit in your underwear and against your body perfectly. The bullet vibrator can be removed and you can use the silicone sleeve by itself over a finger during a massage and or foreplay. Or you can simply use the bullet by itself, or, insert it into a dildo with a bullet chamber. Whilst the bullet is inserted to the provided silicone sleeve, it does jut out of the back of the device a bit, this was my first man issue with this sex toy, as it means I have the sensation of something rigid between my butt cheeks. Ideally, I’d like the whole bullet surrounded by squishy silicone. The remote itself is pretty simple to use and means you can control the bullet from a distance, whether you are playing solo and don’t want to reach down whilst wearing the panty vibe in your underwear, or you want to liven up your foreplay with a lover and give them the control from across the room. A bonus is that the remote is also rechargeable, so no need to worry about those pesky batteries.

Wireless vibrator for wearing in underwear

Notes on wearing: When wearing the vibrator, I enjoyed how the silicone fitted against my body gently, the let down was the bullet poking out at the back. The tip of the silicone fitted nicely on my clitoris whilst the main body of the sex toy contoured back and snuggly rested on my vaginal opening. The bullet vibrator sadly jutted out back and during some movements was an unpleasant reminder that something was there. Whilst I want to be aware of the vibrator’s vibrations and erotic stimulation, I really don’t personally enjoy sitting down and feeling as if I have sat on something I shouldn’t of.

Notes on Sound: The vibrator is very buzzy and loud when turned on. I understand that a lot of people buy panty vibrators to wear when out, from shopping to clubbing, I’d stick to the later if you are hoping to explore with it in public as the exciting bustle of the supermarket will not make the noise of this sex toy go unnoticed. Another note, it is not even at the same level as a phones vibrations so you could not even use that as an excuse if caught out.

Notes on vibration: Now, vibration wise, I was really hopeful here that this had improved since my last panty vibrators, but sadly not. The vibrator is pretty weak, the vibrations go out to the side and not the tip, and even when inserted into the silicone sleeve the clitoral stimulation zone is pretty dead. This bullet really does remind me of one of those old cell batter vibes. Yet, oddly when without the sleeve, I get an annoying level of stimulation in my fingertips.

A Note on what I liked: I really liked the silicone sleeve and probably will use this with other bullets.

A remote control sex toy

So has the Panty vibrator evolved in the last ten years? Sadly, not by much if I’m basing it on this. I think Ann Summers have the right idea with the quality of the silicone sleeve, the remotes handy too, but the vibrators quality is pretty poor. Also, where’s the panties? Seriously guys, when buying a panty vibe, I expect pants with them, otherwise to me this is just another bullet vibe with a fancy silicone sleeve.


Thank you to Ann Summer’s for sending me this item for my review. You can find out more about this product here.


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