Ann Summers Fifty Shades Ladies Night

I had only just started to recover from being unwell – thanks Hella, Red wine and vegetable stew has done the trick! It’s the first night in ages I have done anything other than bed rest, and I knew I wanted to get straight on with work. I visited a local cocktail bar to expand on one of my projects. Friday night, and going to a cocktail bar whilst still feeling unwell was a bit brave. Oddly enough, I didn’t have to worry too much about the bar being packed-out, but then I somehow found myself attending a Fifty Shades of Grey style event, hosted by the local Ann Summers team.
After purchasing a ticket for a tenner, I sat and waited for the event to start. The bar was starting to fill-up with women, many wearing masquerade masks. Some wearing corsets, whilst others wearing leggings and Top Shop tunics, one lady dressed-up in an Ann Summer police outfit and fishnet stockings, and a woman wearing a leather corset and studded collar. I briefly chatted to the woman dressed in the more extreme bondage attire, and asked why she had chosen to wear that particular outfit, she replied “Well you need to dress-up sometimes and have some fun.” And apparently this event gave her the courage to do so. There were over forty women eagerly waiting for the event to start. I spoke with Claire, Ann Summers party organiser for the night, and apparently they would normally get well over a hundred and fifty women attending ladies nights. This made me wonder whether or not the Fifty Shades effect was starting to wear off.
The women gathered upstairs into the bars private lounge, and were greeted by two topless butlers. The lounge was split into two divisions, a VIP area where women were allowed to browse Ann Summers products whilst nibbling on chocolate coated strawberries and sipping champagne – this cost an additional £3.50 but did include the drink. The other section was the bar and dance floor, where women could mingle amongst themselves and just relax. Most of the women kept within their own groups but seemed to be enjoying themselves. I spoke with two women about erotica and Fifty Shades, and they commented on how much they liked the books, but they wanted less of the filler and more of the smut. 
Naked Butler Teee
The night progressed; the hosts put together a game involving spoons and the phrases such as submissive and Dominate. It reminded me of the games I played at Girl Guides – Ann Summers parties, Girl Guides for adults. After this, the women were giggling and having fun.
The main entertainment had arrived. The dance floor illuminated, and then suddenly a drag queen appeared on the dance floor, wearing a sequin gold dress, some killer PVC heels, and donning a bleach blonde wig. Crystal had travelled all the way from London to perform a mixture of musical numbers and gender stereotypical comedy banter, leaving many in fits of hysterics.
After half an hour, a male stripper strutted onto the floor wearing white sportswear. He carefully stripped down some black boxers, and then revealing union jack briefs and knee padding. Yes stripping is a dangerous career, and protection is needed. The ladies all cheered for him to waggle his extremely long cock for a few minutes, before Crystal returned to the stage. More vocalised renditions filled the room, toppling above the women’s natter. Crystal took another break to catch their breath, and the Ann Summers team went around selling raffle tickets. Raffle prizes being a We-Vibe 3, various Rocks-Off bullets, and some Fun Factory toys.
One woman had won a Rock-off Soft-tip bullet and took some time working out how to turn it on and get it working. She felt alright getting the bullet out, even though there were other 40 other women present. 
Crystal arrived back on, this time selecting a young girl from the audience who had only just turned 18. The girl had attended with her mother as an eighteenth Birthday treat. Crystal jokily asked the girl about her sex life, and even got her mother to dish some dirt. When Crystal found out about the girls partner, the main focus was pinned onto the girls boyfriends cock size. The girl blushing shyly, too embarrassed to answer, Crystal then pulled down their knickers and grabbed the girls hand so she could fondle Crystal’s genitals for an on-the-spot comparisons. Later that evening I asked the girl about her feeling about being publically humiliated like that, she replied that she didn’t know what to expect when attending the night, and whilst embarrassed about it, felt that it was still fun.
Stripper number two took to the floor, wearing a green military style outfit. He grabbed a seemingly willing woman from the audience and placed her onto a chair. Sensually blindfolding her, before pulling-out a double Doc Johnson PVC dong, and getting her to grope it.  Next he erotically got her to kneel in front of his crotch, whipping off his belt and flicking it round her neck. She bobbed her head back and forth as if she was performing a phantom blowjob. Next she was crawling on the floor, her arse raised high whilst the stripper spanked her with his belt. Her heels drag on the ground with every hit. The crowed watched in amazement, as the woman was enjoying this act. 
Act two of the stripper’s performance included another woman from the audience. Placing her onto the chair, he handcuffed her, then positioning her onto the floor in-front of his penis. Draping a union jack flag over her head, so she could enjoy her own private peep show.
The night ended with a duet from Crystal, and party planner Claire. It reminded me of a Butlins holiday park style Saturday night show, although, again more for the adult audience rather than the universal family. At the end of the evening I asked a few of the women about their thoughts about the whole night, one even said that it was awesome, and that they will attend another in the future, classing it as the female version of the traditional lads night out which often is filled with strip clubs and football, ending on one final statement she said “women want sleaze”. 
Group of random girls
The main focus of the evening was mostly on “willies”, rather than Fifty Shades. It was like the modern masquerade ball with debauchery, with LMAO and Lady Gaga being the soundtrack for the night. Women were in high spirits about having this opportunity for female secrecy, yet whilst finding a place they felt they could all be open and honest amongst one another, without the qualm of male judgement. The night was enjoyable, and many friendships were formed, although due to intoxication most may not remember. 

I’m mostly left wondering why both strippers were kitted-out with knee pads? 

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