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The Stainless Steel Anal Hook is a metal bar which curves, similar to a fishing hook, apart from on its tip you’ll find a smooth sphere for comfortable anal insertion. Most anal hooks come with a looped end, which allows bondage rope or a suitable lead to be tied around it, making the toy not just any ordinary insertable anal device, but also allowing it to act as a form of restraint, as the tension provided restricts the user’s movement. This particular hook’s insertable bulb is removable, which allows the user to choose steel balls of various different sizes and weights, depending on their (or their Dominant’s) personal taste.

Metal anal hook BDSM sex toy

The hook arrives in very simple packaging, comprising of a clear bag and some bubble wrap. There are no instructions with the product, not even care advice. The toy is a metal bar which bends to form a drastic curve, which then slowly angles away from the straight part of the product. At the top end of the product you will find an O-ring style loop, and at the bottom of the device sits a steel ball. The steel ball can be unscrewed to make way for other steel spheres of various weights and sizes. Upon realising this I was slightly concerned about the ball being removable on an anal toy. During use, make sure it’s tightly screwed onto the main bar. Be careful not to over-tighten the ball as this may damage the thread, but also ensure you don’t under-tighten it, as this could possibly result in the ball coming free during use, especially when your pelvic floor muscles clench in excitement – this is quite unlikely though, because the screw thread spirals down the bar quite some way.


During anal use the product required additional lubrication around my anus and on the toy’s tip. The ball popped into my anal canal easily, offering a sudden rush of sensation as it slid up the anal chamber. The product’s steel felt fairly cold, but as it travelled deeper inside my body I could feel it gently warming to my body heat – the hook works well for temperature play due to the metal’s conductivity. As the hook’s bar started to bend, its movement inside started to slow and come to a stop, and it became obvious that my body wasn’t capable of receiving any more. The external part of the bar swayed back and forth as I moved, offering very minimal additional sensation to the inserted tip. It wasn’t until the loop at its top was hooked and hoisted upwards that I noticed any strong stimulation. As the loop was pulled higher up my back and closer to my body I could feel the inserted portion pull and stretch my rectum pleasurably. During this act my body’s movement became more restricted, making it difficult to perform various actions such as sitting, standing, and anything overly energetic other than being forced onto all fours, with only the ability to wiggle my hips. Every movement stretched my anus open slightly, teasingly tugging at the sensitive tissue. As the hook pulled on my anal orifice and canal, it also made the tissue around my vulva become tighter and more sensitive. With some tugs of the hook, the motion would encourage my clitoral hood to retract and then move back over my clitoris, offering some indirect stimulation to the nub. Wearing the hook by itself didn’t lead to climax, but helped heighten my awareness to stimulation as it manipulated my sensitive nether regions.


The hook can also be used vaginally, for instance, as a form of control over a submissive’s sexual arousal vaginally, as the Dominant controls an attached leash or tightly binds the product so that it restricts clitoral access. This works particularly well when the product is incorporated into rope bondage harnesses. Or alternatively, you could use the product as an effective G-spot dildo instead. The Hook is very versatile and easy to control due to its long bar and looped end. This means you are able to apply firm rocking motion onto your G-spot without having to overextend your reach. The bar is lightweight compared to other metal G-spot products already on the market, and I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to achieve a strong G-spot orgasm but who often finds manual stimulation difficult. When using it vaginally as a G-spot product I was able to enjoy a quick and strong climax, with very little foreplay and additional lubrication.

Anal hook weight

The hook works well as a temperature play device, meaning you are able to cool it or heat it under a running tap. Also, some TENS machines can be used to send electrical currents through the metal body of the product; this however depends on your unit, and play with caution, as you won’t be able to connect the wiring directly.

When cleaning the anal hook I recommend unscrewing the ball beforehand, as some dirt may become trapped around here. As the toy is made from stainless steel you can simply wash it in warm water with your antibacterial wash.


Overall, I like the concept of the anal hook, but I am concerned about the product’s ability to unscrew and therefore potentially leave a portion of itself inside the body. I understand that customisability is very important for consumers, but the fact that the attachments aren’t readily available is an issue. While it may look like just a simple screw thread to some and should theoretically work with various other attachments, as someone who has worked with designers, I know that a simple screw thread isn’t really always that simple. For example, an attachment made from a different material could conceivably damage the metal. However, the sensations produced by the hook are unique, and it offers a great anal stretching sensation, without being an excessively large product. Also the device is a top notch G-spot stimulator, with the ability to apply consistent firm pressure, without having to perform any overly taxing motions manually.



Thank you to UberKiny for providing this item for my review.


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