Anal Awareness: I am looking for your anal real life stories

I am looking for your anal real life stories


As many of you know, I am slowly putting together a book on anal sex, and to finish it all off I need some personal accounts / stories. I am looking for the following:


*First anal experience. This can be good or bad. You could be the receiver, or the giver, or it could be solo. I just need some small real life accounts of the experience.

*Your greatest tip. While some of the tips are obvious, there’s some which still aren’t talked about. What are your greatest tips and why.

*I’m looking for men who have experienced hands free prostate orgasm via clenching their pelvic floor muscles / kegels. If you are one, I’d love to hear your person account on these. Plus it’ll be handy to know if you train upwards towards them, or just had a natural knack.

*Are there any anal myths or horror stories which have put you off anal in the past? Did these affect your anal exploration?

*Anal accidents. Have you experienced an accident during anal sex? This can be from a small cut from a finger nail to even something more embarrassing (such as losing a toy up there or something else).

*Anal fisting. I am looking for peoples experiences with anal fisting.

*Women who can orgasm via anal penetration.

*Experiences with anal sex toys. I’m looking for people’s accounts on the feelings and sensations received from anal sex toys. From using butt plugs, anal beads, prostate toys, and more.

*I am looking for men who have had their prostate removed and would like to know if they still practice anal play on themselves and what the noticeable differences are.

*People into Pet Play, I want to hear tales of your tails. Does wearing a tail butt plug feel more special / intimate than when using clip on tails?

*I am looking for people who have gone through male to female surgery and now have a constructed vagina. I am wanting to find peoples accounts of being able to stimulate their prostate via vaginal stimulation.

*I am looking for anal hook stories, from sensation, to the role they can play in sub / Dom relationships.

*Have you experiments with electro sex butt plugs during anal stimulation? I would like to know about the sensations you experience during this form of play.



I think that’s all for now. Stories and comments used will be kept anonymous, although if you wish to provide a blogger name or a nickname, please do. It’ll be really helpful to have some rough information about your gender and age if possible, as well as sexual preference – I want to have a wide range of real life stories from as many people as possible, so am looking for people from all backgrounds and orientations.

The stories / comments will only be edited for grammatical and spelling reasons and nothing else will be change.

If you’re able to provide any of the above stories / real life accounts, please email them to me at:

or feel free to comment below (I won’t publish the stories / comments you post directly here).

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