Alfresco Sex: Silly positions to be in

Alfresco Sex is hot in the air right now, with summer weather allowing lovers to explore their passion for the great outdoors. The main thing which we often fear about when exploring outside sex is the worry of getting caught. We seek out areas where we won’t get caught, whether that’s by another human being, or a camera. But some of these locations aren’t really practical for having sex in for other reasons. I’ve been in this position twice in the last week, and thought I’d share my experiences with you.

After spending a few hours with a lover searching for a hot-spot, we came across a nice wooded area. The evening sky was slowly turning into dusk, and the glimmer of lightly was sparkling through the leaves. A soft gentle breeze wisped over the leaves, making the light glitter around us, mesmerizingly.  Hidden amongst a circle of trees, we prepared ourselves. I rummaged through a bag for a condom and handed it to my lover. Once he was equipped, we positioned ourselves, standing up-right. He entered my body and started to thrust away, however, with each thrust, either one of us lost our balance while trying to balance on the uneven ground.

The situation felt impossible, and took a few minutes for us to realise, that in fact hills weren’t the best place to have standing-up sex. Altering our feet, we were determined to have sex outside, as it had taken hours of finding our location. Lifting limbs, tip-toeing in shoes, squatting our thighs uncomfortably, and in the process breaking a few twigs, we finally found a solution.

The problem was actually with the position we were using, but the hill, and me being the one on the lower part of it. After switching around, we were able to enjoy the experience. It was one of the most challenging hills I’ve thrusted myself up, and I have to say, my calves ached for days afterwards.

The next time we had alfresco sex later that week, was in a more central location. We sat in the gardens of a registry office, which happen to be open to the public. It was late, yet the street lamps meant we could still see one another. Just meters from a road and a popular path, we relaxed into a bench. Our hands wandered and my skirt lifted. People walked past but a hedge acted as our cover. Yet it must’ve been to some that behind the shrubbery something was happening, due to my muffled moans.

My buttocks slipped down the hard wooden bench and my lover stood before me, as my legs widened. My head rested on the seat, and as he grinded into my body, my spine jolted.  However, we learned that benches aren’t perfect for having sex on, and not for the lack of cushioning, but their shape. My head had slipped under the arm rest, and upon climax, my skull whacked and jolted into it.

While we still managed to have sex for a couple of hours unseen, I went away with some heavy bruising. But I was determined to orgasm regardless… just next time, I may choose the tiled floor rather than the raised wooden bench.


So there you have it. If you are planning to have a little alfresco action, think a little about the positions and areas around you when you do find a safe place to explore.

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