The Airbee is a vibrator aimed at exercising your pelvic floor muscles. The product can be used either by the push button found on the device, or controlled via a downloadable app which connects to the toy through Bluetooth. It has two activities which are controlled by the phone app, one focusing on your kegel workout; which has 10 challenging modes on offer, and the other a more playful mode called ‘Massage’; offering the option for you to control the intensity and frequency of eight vibration modes of differing continuous, escalation, and pulsation. To make the device more personal and interactive you are also able to record your work-out history, which not only informs you on how many times you clenched your PC muscles, but also inform you how much pressure they placed around the toy itself, measuring the KPa through its touch sensitive technology.


The Airbee arrives in a drawstring velvet bag. Inside was the toy and a USB charger – I’m unsure about whether or not mine arrived like this because it was a tester, or that all Airbee’s come packaged this way.

The toy is very small compared to many other insertable vibrators, being a maximum of 5.5 inches in length, with3.5 inches of insertable shaft. The base of the device is curves inwards where the push button is located, making the controls contours perfect for a thumb to hover over the button and push during use. The silicone above the button then protrudes outwards before thinning slightly into the main shaft. The shaft of the toy bulges and then tapers to a rounded tip for easy insertion. The Airbee’s shaft is a 4.5 inches at its fullest point. The product may be small, but it’s still the perfect length and shape to rest above the pelvic floor muscles when inserted vaginally. While it has a slight flare separating the control button and shaft, the Airbee’s size of the flange means it’s not suitable for anal play. At the bottom of the toy there is a small pin hole in the silicone where the charging port resides.

The Airbee is coated in a smooth pink silicone which causes minimal drag when rubbed against dry skin. The product is mostly rigid apart from the flange, which has some plushiness to it. The control button is made from smooth plastic, and when turned-on, a ring within it lights up and starts flashing. At first you may start to think the toy isn’t working, because it doesn’t vibrate when the button is flashing, this is because the toy is searching for the app to connect to via Bluetooth. To use the toy as a normal vibrator, simply tap the button again, and this time the toy will vibrate but also the button will glow steadily. Tap the button to scan through the 8 vibration modes of various escalating, pulsation, and continuous modes. To switch the toy back into the Bluetooth mode press and hole the button for a few seconds. Finally to turn the toy off, hold the button down for a few more seconds.


The application is downloadable for Smartphone, you will need to confirm the app, as it’s not officially on Google play yet. Don’t worry though, I used my antivirus software to scan it before putting it onto my phone, and it showed no threats.

Once the app is on your device you will have find a thumbnail with a cloud, some red and black lines, and with the products name whacked into the centre of it. Once you click onto the app it’ll take a second to load, and then it will start trying to auto connect to your Airbee toy. It will keep trying this unless you have the Airbee tuned onto the Bluetooth mode, where its push button flashes. Once the app has recognised that the device is in range you will be asked to enter a pin, some of you may remember those remote control toys which are basically compatible with every remote manufactured for them? Well this ensures that the Airbee is more secure. Enter the following PASSWORD: 1111 . Once enter the app and device will configure. The button will now glow continuously but not vibrate. You will automatically find yourself in the massage screen. Below you will see four tabs: Exercise, History, Massage, and settings. Let’s start with the massage screen as we are already there.

The Massage Setting:

The Massage Screen is a part of the app which offers more freestyle play. Its background shows a night sky, with long grass at the bottom and butterflies dotted around that place. In the top right corner you will see another button which once pressed will lead you the 8 different vibration modes, which have also been given peculiar names. You can either randomly select one of these modes, or go with the one you first land on, called ‘Touch Me’. Now to start the vibrations tap the screen and the screen will go into full screen mode, tap it again to start the vibrations. You’ll see a swirly circle appear on the screen, this changed colour depending on which intensity you are exploring. Touching down at the bottom of your phones screen will show a red swirl, this makes the vibrator emit mild vibrations, slowly drag the swirl from the left of your phone screen to the right, keeping it in the red setting. You’ll notice the toy’s mode become faster, yet stay at the same strength. To increase the vibrators intensity, drag or tap the swirl into a high position. The higher you position the swirl the strong the vibrations will be, the swirl alters from orange, green, and various blues, before staying at a dark blue when at its peak. Once you have worked out which strength you require, simply slide the swirl from left to right to alter its speed. Depending on which of the eight modes you select, they will all make the vibrator pulsate with different programmed patterns. You aren’t able to customise your own pattern, just alter the speed and intensity of the product.

airbee massage

When the toy is being used in either the standard push button way or the massage way, you can mostly focus on using it like a standard sex toy. The toys shaft is capable of only just reaching my G-spot, and due to its handle size, I was limited to what motions I could apply when used internally. The toy works best externally for stimulating the vulva during foreplay. While able to make me orgasm, its vibrations aren’t very powerful, and can take awhile to get me there.

Airbee is fun to use in its Massage app mode during couples play, when you can hand over your phone to a lover, and let them control the vibrations. The toys small size and bulging shaft also makes it good for all over body massage.

The Exercise Setting:

To access the work-out mode click the exercise tab, this will lead you to a screen with a big deep red circle with a smaller black one in the middle with the word start in its, and just underneath it is an arrow, which once selected will allot you to pick what level of workout your capable of. Once tapping the start button the vibrator will vibrate at different intervals depending on its goal. During the vibrations you are meant to tense your pelvic floor muscles, as you tense them the large circle will become smaller depending on how much pressure you’re applying, also the center mini circle will glow bright red. As you clench around the product there will be a countdown, which lasts as long as that particular contraction is meant to. The middle circle will glow blue and have a countdown within in it for when you are meant to relax your muscles.  At the top right side there’s a line of circles which fill up each time you finish a sequence of the work-out, once the circles are completely filled the work-out will go back to the start of the routine and repeat until the appropriate amount of reps are complete. Just before the routine repeats the mini centre circle will turn black and countdown, giving you some additional time to release and relax your pelvic floor muscles.


Once the routine has finished a screen with your progress for that session will pop up. This will state how long the activity way, how many clenches you make, what was your personal best clench (how much Kpa your PC muscles can force upon something) as well as give you an overall source on how many times you successfully followed the plan out of a total number. The screen also applauds you once you’ve finished, and at first I found this an encouraging novelty, but later found that even when I sucked it still clapped at my progress. You can then save your progress so it’s saved in the apps workout history, or you can dive straight into the next level, or is you were having a particularly bad day, simply retry the previous level.

Before using the Airbee vaginally while in the workout mode I recommend you to hold the device in one hand and practice squeezing the toy in your palm along with the excise routine you’re on. This will not only allow you to see how the pressure technology works, but also how the apps screen reacts, meaning you’re prepared when you start your workout – think of it like a warm-up you’ll do prior to a run or other exercise (stretching you mental muscles).

When using the workout mode I sound it pretty easy to follow once I had gotten to grips with it. As the toy is small I’d recommend holding onto it as you clench away. The toy was easiest for me in a standing position, however lying down worked too. As I slowly worked through the modes I found it easier to clench and then release the vibrators shaft. When in gym-junkie mode, where I get a tad obsessed and competitive, I found that over use of the toy would lead to my body clenching around its shaft tighter but also longer. This isn’t want the app is designed for as it’s meant to make you focus not onto on strength but control of flexibility of the muscles. It took a lot to get to this level, but personally found best results when only doing a few levels at a time.

I’m uncertain if the Airbee is a strong device for improving pelvic floor muscles, while I’m aware I’m clenching the shaft, I feel it’s more the apps work making me focus on my kegels more than the toys actual shape and vibrations. I could easily do a similar work-out with a dildo or standard vibrator. The Airbee works more on the mental focus and encouraging the user to keep going, which let’s be honest many of us need a fun prompt to do our kegels (the amount of times I forget my kegel balls is unbelievable).

airbee history

Once you have completed a few workout sessions with your Airbee you can view up to 10 days of progress on the app. Simply click the history tab which will show you a graph of the amount of minutes you have managed, and how much pressure you applied in either all the works outs completed in a single day, or a graph plotting the averages for each days within a 10 day time pass. Underneath each graph you will be able to see the maximum workout level you reached overall, as well as your top kPa and time.

To make the workout more challenging you can go into the setting and turn off the toys vibrations so it doesn’t vibrate when you need to clench. This should make it harder as you have to focus more on the app rather than the advice.

The Setting Tab:

This tab has some small settings. You can alter the exercise mode setting, by turning off the apps sound, your phones vibrations (as it can buzz in time with the vibrators), as well as turning off the devices vibrations when it is in the tense part of the workout sequence.

You can also lock the app with a password, if desired.

The settings also have a small user guide, including information on how to connect via Bluetooth, what Airbee is, password settings, and the other tab options.

settings airbee

The Airbee is very easy to clean, simply wash in warm water with your standard antibacterial soap. Once clean allow to dry and pop into its storage pouch. Cleaning your phone depends on which model you have; there still aren’t many waterproof phones out there so I recommend using a wet-wipe and a micro fibre cloth.


Overall, I like the Airbee because it’s fun. Give me anything with flashing lights which I have to interact with and then replicates my feeling and desires in graphic visuals and audio, is good in my books. Yes, I’m amused by simple things at times, but I’m glad more sex toys are venturing into the technology of apps, because in the long run it could also mean that in the future add-ons and upgrades would lead to more interesting variations for a product. While I’m unsure if this is the case with the Airbee, the idea of the possibilities excites me. I also like how motivational the Airbee is when compared to other kegel products, and that you can use it in more than just one way, but can enjoy the product not only as an exercise device but also as a pleasure object. My main qualm about the Airbee is that you do need a smart phone to operate it and that the download isn’t available to download via Google play or iTunes Apps yet – but I hear the manufactures are working on this.

I believe the Airbee would be great for anyone who needs that extra motivation when it comes to doing kegel exercises, it’s fun interface, and easy to follow instructions, really do help to encourage you.


Thank you to Airbee for sending me this device for my review. You can find out more about it here.

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