Advice on Cleaning Sex Toys and which Sanitizer to Buy

Sex Toy Cleaners: Why they can be better than bathroom soap

Sex Toy antibacterial soap and cleaner may be one of those things you haven’t really thought about before, but it’s worth noting that it is designed to be more vagina and orifice friendly when compared to hand soap and sanitizer. Hand soaps generally have a pH of 10 or over, whereas the vagina has a natural pH of 3 – 4.5. When cleaning some sex toys, you may find that the soap can reside in the pours or on the surface of some of them. Some people note that they experience a burning sensation when using their sex toys after cleaning and for some it may be the interaction with the cleaning product, rather than the sex toy material. If you have experienced regular bouts of thrush and or UTIs it may be time to switch to a sex toy cleaner as it may be the antibacterial wash and hand soap causing you issues due to the high pH and other ingredients.

There are other factors to consider which sex toy cleaner can offer that antibacterial hand wash may not.

Perfume-free could be worth checking-out for those with mast cell activation, neuralgia, allergies, migraines, and autoimmune. This may help avoid unwanted symptoms and triggers. With perfumed products too, some may simply just dislike the scent and like having a scent free sex toy. Scent can play a big part in how we become aroused and if it’s a distracting scent it can ruin the mood for some.

Organic and natural ingredients can be an option for those wanting to avoid harsh chemical products. Many using anti-fungal and anti-bacterial essential oils to help kill and protect against viruses and germs.

Foaming sex toy cleaners can have the benefit of doing some of the work for you, whilst it’s always good to give your sex toys a full scrub, if you are extra worried or unable to clean them to the standard you’d like due to lack of dexterity or other reason, then foaming cleaners may be an option to consider.


Branded cleaner kits may be a a good option if you have a larger collection of toys made by the company. These kits are designed to help keep the sex toys they designed in top-notch condition and aimed at prolonging their structural integrity. Some cleaners and soaps can interact with materials and make them downgrade sooner meaning you will have to replace your favourite sex toys more often. A branded cleaner or cleaning kit will be formulated so it works best with their own brand products, not only making sure the materials are clean, but also avoiding damaging them.

Wipes can be great to have in your artillery as you can quickly grab them between orifice use and partner use when sharing sex toys, this can help avoid unwanted nasties such as thrush. They can also be handy for when you are travelling and can’t guarantee you’ll be able to get to a bathroom or sink to clean your sex toys after use. If your travelling adventures involve backpacking or camping, I highly recommend you have a pack of these, particularly as many antibacterial wipes for hands aren’t the correct pH for the vagina or other orifices, and can sometimes lead to some people experiencing reactions when the wipes liquid and chemicals reside on the surface of a sex toy and then is inserted into the body.

It can be hard to believe, but not all sex toy cleaners are vegan or even vegetarian friendly. It is worth checking out whether or not your sex toy cleaner or other soap is if you are vegan for ethical, diet, or allergy reasons.

If you have allergies or can’t use a certain chemical or extract due to an illness you have or medication you are taking, it is always worth checking if your cleaner contains these as the vagina is highly absorbent.

Some cleaners contain alcohols, whilst these won’t get you drunk, there are some who need to avoid these as they can offer a dehydrating affect to the vagina and other bodily fluids and can lead to soreness and even an increase in tears and fissures. Alcohol may also damage some sex toy materials so it’s always worth checking the products cleaning instructions just to be safe.

If you’ve looked into sex toy cleaner before, you may have seen “powders” being advertised. These are to help keep certain materials feeling soft and skin-like. Some powders can be used to stop vacuum-lock sex toys and toys that use suction to connect from getting completely stuck together – it can be a real challenge to try and separate sex toys that use systems like this, adding lubricate to the fittings can also help prevent them from getting trapped. Whilst cornstarch allergy is rare, it is worth noting a lot of these powder contain this as their main ingredient.

There are some adult products that just can’t be cleaned fully no matter how well you try. This is due to the material pours and how some germs will always become trapped within them. With these items it may be best to keep them to individual person use and avoid sharing them with another. If items like canes and other impact devices become bloody, you could opt to using that item on that particular person only, and make it a commemorative gift; focusing on strengthening your relationship dynamic by making it a special moment.

Want an easy option to clean sex toys? Some adult products can be put through the dishwasher if it has a hot wash / sanitizer wash option, however I’d avoid putting your electronics through this cycle as the heat may interfere with the wiring even if it is waterproof. Another option you can get from most drug stores and pharmacies is sterilising tablets or liquid, whilst this formula is a bleach based antibacterial, it is designed to be 100% body safe.


Things to avoid should be using bleach or actual toilet cleaner. Yep, you heard that right, I have known people to use these and then experience chemical burns and need medical treatment. It’s not a wise idea and can lead to serious injuries.


If you are having to use sex toys with multiple people and want a quick clean up, so you can use the  same toy with another and opt for covering the sex toy with a condom, or if it is too large for a standard condom then a female condom can be used over some larger items. I have known some to use medical grade disposable gloves over wands and other items when looking for a hygienic solution that quick and ready at hand.


Keeping up with a good sex toy cleaning hygiene can not only help avoid unwanted infections but also help prevent the spread of illnesses such as STIs (sexually transmitted diseases and or infections). Good housekeeping of sex toys also means they have better longevity and should last a lot longer meaning you will be able to enjoy your favourite sex toys longer and save money.


Remember when receiving a new sex toy, regardless of where you get it from, you should always give it  a good clean as manufacturing dust and chemicals may still reside on the products surface.


Once your sex toys are nice and clean, to help keep them spotless you can simply pop them in a fabric bag or even disposable food bag. If looking into plastic based wash bags or even pencil case, you may find over time the materials warp and become weak due to reacting to the sex toys materials – I’ve had this happen to a few designer shower bags.



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