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Advertising on Nymphomaniac Ness


If you have a sex toy store or are an adult product designer then advertising on my blog may be the right option for you when getting your site more known.

Nymphomaniac Ness has been a go-to resource for the public as well as industry representatives for over 6 years. Not only does it host an extensive amount of sex toy review content, it also offers guides, and various other sex and relationship articles. Run by Ness, a trained sex educator and sex coach in the UK, there are many ways you can promote your product online and even offline within workshops which are hosted privately (public workshops becoming accessible in 2017).


Premium Ads 250 x 250

£40 for a single month

£115 for three months

£225 for 6 months

£410 for 12 months


What you will get with a premium ad:

  • Global Sidebar
  • Tweets weekly
  • Chance to host giveaways
  • Rotated / changed within 48 hours upon request
  • Money off advertising at sex ed workshops


Standard Ads 250 x 100

  • £22 for a single month
  • £62 for 3 months
  • £120 for 6 months
  • £220 for 12 months


What you will get when purchasing a standard ad:

  • Side bar ad underneath premium ads
  • Tweet every two weeks
  • No rotation


Affiliates ads:

Let’s talk, as it depends partly on commission and demographic.


If you would like to advertise at a workshop or on sex positive leaflets, please get in touch with Ness:



Why not pay for an article to be written for your blog or even hosted here? All copy must be originals.

Copywriting fee is £160 per article (unless extensive research is needed).

Ness is able to write accurate sex education if needed through using her training at the Family Planning Association and training within other wellbeing areas such as tantric, psychology, meditation and mindful focused thinking and more.

Select guides, advice articles, unique content, and evergreen blog posts with links and key words.


Content portfolio available, with the option of writing content for your adult industry site too. Also catering for sex workers.


Advertising on a promotional sales page:

Over the year there are certain events which will be highlighted and filled with product purchase sites. Good examples are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Valentine’s day, and Christmas.

If you wish to be involved with these posts please be in touch to discuss fees. Your ad will include a relevant description, and banner, which will link to your site.