A special Birthday post

Yesterday I attempted my first ever video review, which epically failed, but as it’s my Birthday I’m still posting it for my own amusement – and partly because I promised you guys a video review :-p
Anyway, from talking while not recording, items in the way, learning that doing a video review while outside, my cameras battery playing up, unpredictable British weather, my OH refusing to help due to having a headache (if someone can find the Black Adder clip that would be fab), and myself getting stage fright, and my camera losing most of the data… well you can tell that this is the best ever product review to be made.
I think I learnt how hard making a video review is, and I really appreciate how much effort some reviewers make.
So yes, as it’s my birthday… please enjoy, watch, mock and laugh =)
Also, you can read the review here. I plan to make an actual video review for it in the future.

… Or view the video here: Video review fail

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