A Note on Sex Toy Reviews: Reviewers loyalty

Over the past year the amount of sex toy blogs have grown. Many of these bloggers have started reviewing for multiple companies, which is excellent, as the more sex toy reviews found on one particular blog can be very helpful to customers.

However, I’ve noticed a few people use their blog reviews on multiple retail sites. This is only ok when the following reasons apply:

  1. You purchased the item yourself.
  2. The manufacture or publisher sent you the item directly, rather than a retail site.
  3. And occasionally depending on the following circumstances:
  • You have asked the retailer beforehand.
  • The retailer no loner exists.
  • Occasionally a retailer will be ok with you using a past review on other sites, if they themselves no longer stock the item.

When a company sends a review item to a blogger, they are expecting the review to bring their brand/company to peoples’ attention. They aren’t sending you the item, for free, so you can promote sales on another companies site. Companies send a blogger item’s as they know they will gain valuable search engine material and networking. If you’ve proceeded to then add the same written content to multiple websites, which are often rival companies to the site sending you items, then this isn’t going to help the company at all. Eventually, you’ll probably notice that some companies have stopped sending you product’s.


If you want to share your opinion to a wider audience, maybe consider rewriting your review for each site, if you’re¬†insistent on doing this. Although personally, if you haven’t asked the company who sent you the item beforehand, it’s better to avoid it. Unless you want to get ultra creative and adopt a different blogger name, site, writing style, alternative shipping address, planned posting dates, and web presence – but still you have to be very careful.


I’ve also noticed that some bloggers have also started putting links to multiple sites within their reviews. Again, unless you have come to a private arrangement with the company sending the item, or they no longer stock the item, or alternatively you yourself purchased the item, then really you shouldn’t be doing it!

Right, I hope that’s all understandable. Really it’s mostly common sense.


Luckily, many companies are now adopting easy to use review programs which list their reviewing terms and conditions, many stating content agreements and linking requirements.


I fully understand, as a reviewer, that what I write is my intellectual property, but really you have to show some form of loyalty when asking a company to send you items.




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