I purchased the Glassvibrations over a month ago and have only just managed to write a review for it. I already owned another Glassvibrations toy which I adored, this made me secure enough to buy from there range again.
Now the reason I’ve taken so long to write about this product is because it took some time for me to get use to using it. This is the largest anal toy own. Even though the smoothness of the glass made insertion comfortable and easy, my body wouldn’t accommodate the complete toy. I’m glad to say that now I am able to insert the whole toy. When I couldn’t insert it completely as a butt plug, it was still an enjoyable toy used as an anal dildo.

In this photo you are able to see the testicles like ridges around the base of the toy. Now even though I find the appearance of these little bumps rather cute, they are somewhat of a pain to insert if you are a newbie to larger toys.  For ages I was only able to insert half way up the slopping testicles. Even if you are use other larger toys I would still recommend applying a slippery amount of lubricant onto the balls.
The tip of the toy has a small hole that resembles the urethral orifice.  This hole is very handy for applying lubricant to the toy. Once a dollop has been applied a good amount will stay on the tip during and prior to insertion.

I really only have one problem with this product, and that is the lopped handle. Its size is a little large making it difficult to wear the plug casually. The handle doesn’t get in the way if you are using the plug for autoerotic stimulation or penetration, it’s just a little hard to conceal, though this may depends on a person anatomy. 
The toy produces great sensations. The glass quickly warms to body temperature; you can also experiment with temperature play by heating or cooling it before use. The weight even though heavier than other materials is great; unlike other butt plugs I am able to tell I am using this toy. I haven’t experienced any problems with this plug, once inserted it stays put. 

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