15” Steel Collar

Sex Toy Review for the 15″ Steel Collar written by Ness


The 15” Steel Collar is a metal BDSM accessory which is traditionally worn around the neck of a submissive. This particular collar is high end luxury item, with its solid metal construction and well polished exterior. The collar is lockable with a magnetic mechanism. In the centre of the device you will also find a metal O-ring, which is ideal for controlling a submissives movement, or to thread a name / ownership tag onto.

Kink Collar

The collar arrives in a red velvet drawstring bag. Inside the item is wrapped up in white tissue paper. In a small plastic bag you will find an L-shaped key. The collar is made from polished steel, and is hinged at the side. On one side you will find the opening which is locked together with an L-shaped pin. To open the device simply use the key provided to pop the pin out. Found on the front of the collar is a removable O-ring. At the back of the collar there is an ‘M’ cut out of the metal. I believe the ‘M’ stands for ‘metal. Although, if you remove the O-ring, the collar can be worn by a Master or Mistress as a choker, with the ‘M’ visible at the front to show their authority.
The collar is a total of 15 inches in circumference and approximately 4.5 inches in diameter. The metal is about ¼ of an inch thick and 0.75 inches deep.
As the device is metal, and a very symbolic item for a sub / slave to wear for a Master / Mistress, I looked into getting the item professionally engraved. I desired to have the engraving on the inside of the collar, however as the device isn’t flexible, meaning that the collar was too bulky for the engraving machine. I am able to get the outside engraved if desired, although this is something I am still thinking about.

Steel BDSM Collar

When putting the collar on, make sure the ‘M’ is the right way up, as this makes it easier to re-pin the device. My submissive enjoys the ritualistic notion of me placing it and locking around his neck. When putting the collar of another, pushing the pin into place can be a little fiddly.
During wear my sub found the item surprisingly comfortable – so comfortable that he’s even slept with it on. The only time the device caused any discomfort was when I harshly tugged it, and his flesh got caught between the hinged area. When tugging on the O-ring, I found I had more control over my subs movement, when compared to using a softer and more flexible leather collar.
I am pleased that the collar attaches to my sub so securely, and he is very attached to it and the symbolic meaning behind being allowed to wear such a high quality collar.

The collar can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and then polished with a micro fibre cloth.

Overall, this is a very stunning collar that shows the commitment between a Mistress and a submissive beautifully. I am pleased that the item is comfortable enough for 24 / 7 wear if desired, yet still a great accessory for those extra special occasions.


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