10-Function Pure Skin Bendies

This month I received the Pure Skin Bendie, from California Exotics, to review. This vibrator is a battery powered real-feel toy which has a flexible shaft. The vibrator has 10 functions and is able to remember the last setting you used when turning it back on after a break.
The Pure Skin Bendie arrives in a simple frosted plastic box. You are able to see the product through the packaging, and on the back is an instructional diagram showing the toy’s different properties. The toy is made from a body friendly material which is meant to imitate the textures found on a real penis. When opening the packaging I found the product covered in a fine powder; I suspect that this is cornstarch, which is often used on real-feel toys to maintain the material, as well as giving it a more realistic sensation. The real-feel material isn’t the best feeling material I’ve found. It is soft and smooth, but if I’m being honest I’ve found closer feeling materials on cheaper products. The toy is in the design of a penis and has a soft plushy glans at the tip of the toy, and subtle veins running down the shaft. The head is tapered, and looks a little disproportionate when compared to the glans found on a real penis. The toy is 9 inches in length, with 7.5 inches of insertable shaft. The shaft of the toy is approximately 5 inches in circumference round the tip, and bulges to about 5.5 inches towards the centre of the shaft. Inside the shaft the toy has a flexible spring, meaning that you are able to bend the toy to suit your body. This means you are more likely to find your G-spot with this toy than some others. The spring can bend to a 90 degree angle, meaning that you can insert up to 4.5 inches of the toy and use the lower end of the shaft to stimulate the vulva. The vibrator’s motor can be found near the tip of the toy, for maximum stimulation during insertion.
At the bottom of the toy you will find a battery cap which fans outwards, making it easy to grip during use. The battery cap has two buttons; one turns the toy on and controls the functions, and the other is the off button. The toy has 10 modes of various escalations and pulsations, and when turning the toy off it will remember the last setting you were using. The toy has a removable battery pack which takes three AAA batteries. The battery cap is waterproof. When the vibrator is turned on the battery cap will light up and flash, depending on the vibrator’s settings. I found that on some settings the toy would make a high-pitched electrical noise, similar to an arcade gun. The vibrator isn’t overly loud.
When using the toy I found that I needed additional lubrication prior to insertion, as the Pure-Skin material absorbs moisture. After bending the toy to the appropriate angle for my body, I found the glans hit my G-spot. However, I found the glans was far too soft to cause consistent and strong stimulation.  Also, the thickness of the Pure-Skin dampened the strength of the vibrations, meaning that the toy was just too weak to bring me to orgasm. I found that when additional clitoral stimulation was used, I was able to come close to orgasm, but the more my pelvic floor muscles spasmed, the more the toy became bent out of shape and missed my G-spot. The vein-like ridges found on the shaft of the toy didn’t produce much added stimulation, much to my disappointment.
When cleaning the Pure Skin Bendie, I found that it needed a little extra attention compared with most other toys. As it is waterproof I was able to use my standard antibacterial wash and water without any problems, but after washing the toy felt sticky. To solve the stickiness, apply a sprinkle of cornflour over the toy; this will also help keep the toy feeling realistically fleshy. The toy can become dirty quickly and the material seems to stain easily – I left it on some fabric overnight, and it formed a dark ring on the Pure-Skins surface. Because of this I highly recommend storing it in the box provided.
Overall, I’m not very keen on the Pure-Skin Bendie. I feel that there are better realistic style vibrators at cheaper prices. If the material felt smoother, the shaft was a bit firmer towards the glans, the vibrations were stronger, and the bendable shaft had a way to lock it in place, then this would be a good toy. I’m sure some people would get along with this toy better, and will enjoy the bendable shaft more.

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