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I’ve been reviewing sex toys since the start of 2010, and have had over 9 years of experience with using sex toys.

Since starting-up my blog I have tested over 300 sex toys. Most weeks I receive up to 15 new products to test for companies. I only review products I have received and tested.

I try and test every product as if it’s new to me. When testing a product, I will tend to try and use it in as many possible ways achievable. Generally each product will need at least a few testing sessions. Remote, kegels, and wearable will be worn for up to an hour to test their overall comfortability. Each product gets a fair and unbiased review. If a product states it is waterproof, I will test this too. All my reviews provide positives and negatives for each product, from functionality to its manufactured quality.

My reviews consist of around 600 – 1500 words worth of organic material. Each review will have suggestions on how to use the product effectively. Noting key points which customers may be looking for when deciding on a product to buy.


Although I’m situated in the UK I accept review items from around the world. I have reviewed products for companies in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, and more. My website reaches a mixed audience of people located worldwide. Most of my traffic comes from the USA and UK.


I’m able to test most sex toys as long as they are free from parabens, phthalates, and latex.

I specialise in Glass, metal, silicone, G-spot, high powered, sex machines, and kegel devices.


I’m able to test couples products but these can take longer to test. I have the option of three male partners to test products with for different opinions if needed (though this off course will take longer and may require additional samples).


I have helped with the development of various products from kegel devices, to dildos. If you wish to hire my services as a prototype tester, please contact me for more information.

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