Oxball BASHER – Ballbuster Paddle

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Sex toy review for the Oxball BASHER – Ballbuster Paddle writen by Ness


Believe it or not, but CBT (cock and ball torture) is a very popular fetish. Subs fear and love it, and even upon receiving intense pain from their Dominant to this particular area, they still come back for more. For some, it’s not even a punishment, but more of a reward due to their strong desire to feel such intense sensations caused by CBT. Of Course, there’s more to this form of torture than just ball bashing, there’s trust between a Dom and their sub which is needed for this kind of play to be carried out. With the Oxball HURTME Ballbuster Basher Paddle, that trust is very important, as this is such a large and heavy spiked item, even the most masochistic of subs may go into defensive positions to protect their “crown jewels”. Whilst designed with CBT in mind, this paddle can also be used for  spanking, offering a mixture of sensations depending on what side if used.

Made from a combination of plastic, silicone, and aluminium; this paddle weights just under 500gs. It measures 15.5 inches in length. At the base of the metal rod it is coated in a gloss plastic handle. At the top the device is fitted with thick soft silicone, one side it has spikes up to 1.5 inches in length, the other is smooth. The silicone is very grippy, and can cling to skin. The paddle has the Oxball logo on it at the front, and around the top it has ‘’BASHER’ in raised text.

paddle, spiked, BDSM, SpankingWielding this device I felt akin to a Viking warrior. I started using the paddle to spank my submissive’s arse, whacking the flat silicone side against his butt cheeks produced a lovely sharp slap noise, yet delivered deep thuddy sensations to my subs body. Whack! Slap! Went the paddle back, and during this process could feel how intense the product must’ve been for my sub to endure as it was making my upper arms ache – I may replace the weights at the gym with this device from now on.

Switching to the spiked-side I wasn’t sure what sensations my submissive would feel. Would they be sharp, painful, just as intense or more than the back? However to my surprise the spikes, while frightening, absorbed most of the impact my sub received. The sensations were still pleasant, but not as scary as anticipated. The silicone spikes meant that I was able to at least gain a good rhythm and repetitively strike my sub buttocks with ease. As the spikes can make the paddle bounce back, the spanker can cause some shock to your wrists if you’re not prepared, so make sure you are prepared properly before propelling this paddle through the air.

Oxball CBT Paddle

Now it was time to take things to the next level. I prepared my submissive for a little cock and ball torture. His legs spread wide arms bound to his back; I gently stroked the squishy spikes over his groan and teased him about what was to come next at. The spikes didn’t tickle, but more stroked the body, and the tackiness of the silicone meant that it gripped upon skin and pubic hair if lubricant wasn’t applied. The spikes are more likely to tickle a little when water based lubricant is used. After a little tease, I swung the paddle forward and straight into his nether regions. It bounced back, and just like a pendulum in full motion, the paddle carried my arms through the air and hit the area again, and then again. As the spikes hit my submissive started to feel more and more intense pain, making him groan and winch.

To some that example of CBT may bring water to your eyes. Others may be calling for more. And yes, this paddle can go even further, when used in an upwards motion rather than straight on, it can instantly drop a submissive to the floor.


I rather dislike cleaning this paddle; it’s the main downside to the product, as the silicone spikes grip and attracts dirt making it a pain to clean. I’d recommend washing the paddle under warm water with antibacterial soap, to clean the spikes properly you’ll wanted to rub the water and soap over them between your fingers. If I’m honest it reminds me similar to what milking a cow must be like. Once clean, allow it to air dry or use a microfiber cloth. This product really needs a storage bag as the silicone is a dust and hair magnet.


Overall, asides from the issue with cleaning and storing the Oxball Basher HURTME Paddle, I must admit I rather like it. Sure the spikes aren’t going to cut flesh, but it’s a device which can deliver intense thuddy sensations very quickly, which some of my subs who normally take hours to reach sub space are very pleased with the quick results.



Thank you to MEO for sending me this device for my review. You can find-out more here.


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